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Moving from chicago to San Antonio Texas

dramirez90dramirez90 Registered User new member
edited January 2017 in Help / Advice Forum
So people me and my boyfriend are planning to move to San Antonio Texas from chicago Illinois because our city/town is getting real bad and we don't feel safe anymore. We herd Texas has better job opportunities for us and better housing. We don't have kids so figured now would be the best time to make the move. Crime rate is low in San Antonio that's why we chose it. We are looking for the best advice possible you can give us. I need to find a job asap when I move there inside an office as an office assistant or legal assistant and my boyfriend has warehouse, chassis inspector experience and videography experience. We want to save a few thousand to put on an apartment out there so please any advice on cheap apartments and good areas to stay at that you recommend for us will be greatly appreciated

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