Philadelphia Locals! Tell me about this... place!



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    Some notes as I've arrived already.
    Septa key is good, but as noted you'll need to be travelling plenty. If you're not already here it's probably n ot worth it.
    Visit Philly has a link for this week :
    Monument Lab (noted as point 1 above is already being removed ) however remaining points seem to be interesting.
    Reading Market is as good as the locals report, the only problem is choosing where to stop.
    For those interested in Beer and prepared to go out of downtown :
    To the west : An old firehouse which now has an EarthStone Wood Oven for good pizza
    To the north : Good food, good beer & good cocktails.

    ETA: If you're in town before the weekend it may well be worth visiting Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I walked past yesterday and decided to stop, total queue time for tickets (free) and security for both, less than 2 minutes. Not sure that will be a good estimate for the weekend though.

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    You will also need to get a hoagie from Primo's (various locations around the city).

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    Anyone know if the punk flea market is happening this weekend?

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