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Amazon Music app incorrectly says my device is full?

Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road]Registered User regular
Apologies for the luddite tech help question. I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 and recently did a factory reset. I just re-downloaded the Amazon Music app, and bought a couple of songs, but when I try to download them I get "Device Storage Full. Error 206"

The app is set to download to my SD card, which has 55 gig of space free. All my other songs are on that card but were downloaded prior to resetting the phone.

Even if it's trying to put them on the internal storage, there is 1.9 gig of space there as well. I had tried clearing my app cache as a Google search brought that up as a suggestion but it's not worked.

Any ideas?

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