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Webcomics? (now nominating webcomics for the 2017 webcomics awards! pg 89)

GvzbgulGvzbgul Ask me about my scrotalist agendaRegistered User regular
edited December 2017 in Singularity Engine++
A survey to answer, once and for all, that most vexing of questions:


The poll options have been determined through a rigorous series of tests and I can assure you that they cover the full breadth of possible options. You are welcome to post other options below but be warned that only the official poll options will be counted in the survey. Sorry about that, but as I said, these options have been formulated to give the most accurate results. Introducing other options would upset the finely tuned survey.

Please post cropped images of webcomics that you feel are relevant to the poll, and be sure to provide a reference link in case readers of the thread wish to read more of the posted webcomic.

Alright, I've done up a nominations google form for the Webcomics awards. I'm away first week of January, so voting will be in the second week. If someone who knows more about google forms has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them. Feel free to fill it out now, but if there is a significant issue I might need to scrap this form and redo it. Hopefully not though!


Nomination form here!

Your PA name is not required, but it would be helpful! You can edit your form if you remember a comic or change your mind.

Webcomics? (now nominating webcomics for the 2017 webcomics awards! pg 89) 133 votes

Magic Pinkvalhalla130Crimson KingAstraphobiaMegaMekCambiataAbsurdity MatrixKrieghundNeveronPolaritieMagicalGoatsCreaganGvzbgul 13 votes
ScooterKevin CristWearingglassesBroloPinfeldorfAbdhyiusTheStigCalciumtriceronyaZombie HeroSLyMLucedesMoth 13The SauceDr. FlamingoNever Stop Making Poast 16 votes
MachwingNothingPsychoLarry1A duck!AshcroftMulysaSemproniusRaijin QuickfootGarthorPerrsunJayKaosVicPsycohedCurly_BraceHeadCreepsEl SkidSkwigelfhtmNyysjanMirroMayabird 23 votes
Larlar (Yes)
RoyceSraphimDarmakDer Waffle MousAshtonDragonASimPersonAtheraal-SPI-Slacker71Kayne Red RobeHoA-playerBahamutZERODouglasDangersarukunDarkPrimusNightDragonEat it You Nasty Pig.ShadowenTrenogErlkingMadEddy 81 votes
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