Mech Fight!

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The first mech fight in history ABSOLUTELY deserves a thread

Hey guys, remember Megabots?
The guys from California who challenged the other guys from Japan to a giant robot fight way back in the halcyon days of 2015, when the words "President Trump" were a punchline that Family Guy might pass over as too obvious, instead of being the real world prequel to Mad Max? And then they pulled in money together to upgrade their giant robot for the eventual robot fight?

The fight is scheduled.
The box is locked.
It's GIANT robot fighting time!

Not only is it scheduled, it's scheduled soon.
Like, in 5 minutes.

The fight is going to be broadcast on Twitch, at 7pm PT here:
Downside is that, much like the Battlebots fights, it's not going to be streamed live, as both teams needed time between rounds to patch up the damage.
Upside is: that means there's some damage.

As always, this is Twitch, and the chat window is already an amazing shit show. Increase your enjoyment of the robot carnage by turning it off.

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