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I'll be home for [Twitch]-mas

RoeRoe Registered User regular
Talk about in this thread.


Probably going to be watching some Twitch on New Year's Eve. Dan's Gaming is usually what I watch, and I would recommend that channel to anyone.

Don't know if this is illegal to plug, but if you have an Amazon Prime account, you get Twitch Prime free. I'm mooching off of a family member who had it and I linked the account for nothing.


  • RoeRoe Registered User regular
    Dan's Gaming is almost on. I recommend watching to anyone who hasn't seen any twitch streams.

  • APODionysusAPODionysus Registered User regular
    I watch a TON of twitch. Mostly I watch various Magic streamers, but I also watch Loading Ready Run religiously as well as a few of the crews personal stream (especially Bengineering).

    Also a fan of Kate Stark. She mostly streams PUBG and while I don't play it myself I like watching it a ton and her community is great. I put a high value on a streamers community and generally don't like super large channels where chat is a speeding dumpster fire.

  • WeedLordVegetaWeedLordVegeta Registered User regular
    as soon as you posted this twitch started going down


  • Psychotic OnePsychotic One The Lord of No Pants Parts UnknownRegistered User regular
    I think I heard on Unroolie's stream that Maximilian Dood and the Yo Videogames crew are going to be streaming Mario Party and Smash Bros on New Years. So that's probably where I'll hang out.

    Unless something more interesting comes up I'll probably be also chilling in EatMyDiction's stream for F'ed Up Friday once this work week is over.

  • OnTheLastCastleOnTheLastCastle let's keep it haimish for the peripatetic Registered User regular
    Nooooo, you hijacked my twitch thread! Grumble mumble.

    Well, since I can't post in my normal chat let me self plug to my bros, I'm gonna be streaming my MONDAY MYSTERIES only on Tuesday where I play uhm... mystery games. Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter is tonight at 9pm central. @Zampanov @visiblehowl @knitdan @Mortious @Chimera I'm almost done with case 2 the study in green (stupid Mayan statue murderer!) and then I'll do case 3. This is actually been a supremely good time for us all so if you're bored come watch me fail minigames and tell me who you think murdered someone by pretending to be a Mayan statue.

    I also bought Observer, L.A. Noire and The Wolf Among Us (which loosely qualifies maybe). Observer is going to be scary and also has Rutger Hauer in cyberpunk land.

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