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Looking for Specific Penny-Arcade DLC episode

meyers980meyers980 Registered User new member
I'm trying to find a specific episode of the DLC podcast that I really enjoyed. In it, Mike talked about how his neighbors found a bone or something like that in their gutter. I think they blamed it on birds. I can't remember which comic was being created. Does anyone else? Really would like to re-listen...


  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    This isn't ringing a bell, but I've been listening recently and nearly caught up so I'd hazard a guess it's a pretty recent one, from season 8 or 9?

    Oh brilliant
  • meyers980meyers980 Registered User new member
    Yeah, it very well could be season 8 or 9. For the most part I listen to them in order and am all caught. Sometimes I randomly listen to old episodes for fun, too, but not often. Thanks for trying!

  • meyers980meyers980 Registered User new member
    The episode is Skin in the Game! I had to re-listen to about 15 episodes to find it. Worth it! "You think the crow was trying to implicate her?"

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