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PAX Unplugged party train line from Boston November 29th 11:15 173 Northeast Regional

ChaosLightChaosLight Registered User regular
Last year, the Pax Party Train was a wild success, so I'd like to start organizing these early.

The unofficial Boston Pax Unplugged Party Train will be Thu. Nov 29, 2018
173 Northeast Regional | 11:15 am - 4:52 pm

The plan is to grab tables at the snack car, set up games, and generally enjoy the trip. Feel free to list games you're bringing. I will be bringing Forbidden Island, Lost In R'Lyeh, and possibly Tokaido.



  • chellerschellers New HampshireRegistered User regular
    I wanted to get there a little earlier. My friend and I are taking the 171 down.

  • JailbirdyJailbirdy OhioRegistered User regular
    ...ahhh man, I already booked. I am on the Capitol Limited the night of the 28th to Washington and then on the Acela Express the 29th from Washington to Philly. I shold learn to read the forums first, lol.

    Gamechefs LTD
    GT: Jailbirdy
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