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Philly Game Night 2018

dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular

This is happening the night before Unplugged, at Field House near the convention center. It's a BYOG (bring your own games) event.

It's completely free, the folks at Field House have graciously donated the space, so hopefully we can make it worth their while :)

We'll be collecting donations to support Philadelphia Young Playwrights!

More info at This link.

Feel free to ping me here with questions. Hope to see you all there!



  • calvinbjddcalvinbjdd Registered User regular
    This sounds AWESOME! And as a local playwright and fan of Philly Young Playwrights (a seriously amazing and well-run org), I probably can't NOT go.... (oh the englishing in that sentence.)

    Are you involved in PYP?

  • dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular
    I'm not but my partner in crime (and game nights) is :) We're excited to work with them. I'm not local to Philly (The San Antonio Nerd Night logo might have been a clue) but this'll be my second year Enforcing at Unplugged. We're looking forward to starting a game night in Philly with a similar giving-back-to-the-community vibe to what we do in San Antonio the night before South!


  • iltailta Registered User regular
    As a theater person and a gamer I'm pretty darn excited about this. How late is it likely to run?

  • dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular
    We're planning til midnight - Field House's scheduled close on Thursdays is 11:30, but they've ok'd a later end time.

  • dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular
    For anyone following this event, I have photos of the pin! We'd love to sell you one on November 29th :biggrin: All proceeds to benefit Philadelphia Young Playwrights!


  • JailbirdyJailbirdy OhioRegistered User regular
    Nice pin, can we pre-order those?

    Gamechefs LTD
    GT: Jailbirdy
  • dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular
    We haven't planned on that but I'll talk to my partner in crime and see what we think about it. They're here (in Philly) but not quite ready to sell yet, need packaging. Thanks for the interest! We're excited to see if people like em :)

  • cantpickusernamecantpickusername Registered User new member
    Is that a pinny arcade pin? Either ways it's pretty cool

  • dragnstephdragnsteph Registered User regular
    No it's not an official PA pin :) just a community-supporting indie pin! Thank you!

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