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Recording Skype calls on an iPad?

ThirithThirith Registered User regular
For the podcast I'm doing (A Damn Fine Cup of Culture), me and my co-podcaster use Skype to talk and Audacity to record each of the voices individually. Since Skype has this annoying habit of changing the recording volume for the entire system, we're skyping via iPad (me) and phone (my friend). This works very well - but there's one thing I'm constantly worried about, namely one or the other PC crashing or Audacity freezing. At present we don't have a backup recording, but I'm thinking it would be great if I could record the Skype conversation as a backup. The sound quality would be considerably worse, but that'd still be better than not having a recording at all.

Is this feasible with an iPad and with Skype? If so, what app would you recommend for doing this (unless Skype has a recording function built in on iOS, which I doubt)?

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