Headphone woes

I've posted a similar thing a few years ago, but technology has gotten better, and trends have gotten worse, so I'm hoping that maybe someone has a different suggestion now.

So I can't do earbuds or in-ear headphones. Just about every different version I've tried has made the entire left half of my face get incredibly sore and super hot (and splotchy red) in about 10-15 minutes of use.

I've been using the Motorola S305, which has been great. They fall apart in 8-12 months, but they are cheap enough that I would just buy another pair.

My most recent pair has just died, and unfortunately it seems they are no longer being made, which means I need to find a new go-to.

With every fiber of my being I just want an airpod version of this but apparently no one else does because as far as I can tell nobody makes them.

All of the S305-alikes I can find look like knock-offs from companies I've never heard of before, or are just earbuds with a neck band.

I have a set of bigger, over-the-ear headphones that I use at home and are fine, but they are too big for casual out-of-the-house use.

Please, oh please let someone know of something that will work. The entire industry seems to be built around either in-ear stuff I literally cannot wear, and giant studio headphones that are miserable for casual use.



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    twmjrtwmjr Registered User regular
    Do you know if bone conduction will work for you? I have a pair of these: https://aftershokz.com/ (the titanium version), and they're great.

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    XaviarXaviar Registered User regular
    Honestly I haven't tried. That's something to look at for sure.

    I don't think I've ever seen a display model that does bone conduction at like a bestbuy or anything and I'm a little scared of putting out $100 without trying it.

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