I found a hurt chipmunk but i dont know what to do

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So about 3 days ago my mom had found a chipmunk that my cat had tried to kill but he never even punctured that rodent, except he did get his back legs and they are kind of limp but he is starting to move them a little. My mom had decided that she would take him in and and we had put him in a box and she put some water and sunflower seeds into the box. he’s been eating the seeds but I can’t really tell if he’s been drinking the water. My mom had found on the internet that u could feed them puppy replacer so we started to feed him that and he’s been doing pretty good since then. I want to call a wildlife service or something like that but my mom won’t let me beacauss she says that she can handle it and what not. But I need some advice on how to care for it and stuff like that.


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    Don’t bring wild animals into your home. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for them.

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    Where are you? See if there is a wildlife rehabilitator in your area who can give you advice or accept the chipmunk to re-release.


    If it's not a baby it should be able to survive on its own once it's healed, but knitdan is right - the longer you keep the animal the less likely it will be able to live once you return it to the outdoors.

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    This may sound cruel, but... Unless it was your fault or it's an endangered species (or locally endangered population), its probably best to let it go. If it's mobile and eating it's chances are probably as good as ever.

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    When the animal becomes dependent on humans it will be killed or starved if released back into the wild.

    Chipmunks are not endangered they are cheap and no one cares if you kill them.

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    That's a pretty shitty attitude.

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    When the animal becomes dependent on humans it will be killed or starved if released back into the wild.

    Chipmunks are not endangered they are cheap and no one cares if you kill them.

    Boy that is a shitty attitude. Next time consider stopping your post one sentence earlier.

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    One time Animal rehabilitation volunteer here.

    What your mother is doing is incredibly damaging to the chipmunk. Maybe the chipmunks injuries will heal, but without knowing the actual extent of the injury to give it the proper care it needs I can promise you the injuries will not heal correctly which will guarentee the chipmunk dies when released. Feeding it replacement food works for nutrition, but it can also create a dependence on being given that food to survive.

    This doesn't even get into the possible diseases the chipmunk could be carrying, such as lyme disease or even rabies (Incredibly rare, even more rare for it to be spread from chipmunk to human, but not impossible).

    Also, it is most likely a felony in your area to care for a wild animal without proper training and permits.

    Please, if that chipmunk is still alive, take it to your local wildlife rehabilitation center.

  • spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    yeah unfortunately this reflex to save the animal herself is probably the worst decision she could have made. Also really hard, especially if you live in the 'burbs and you're not used to, like, wildlife and dead animals and so forth.

    Circle of life is a thing. Since you're not in charge you probably can't do anything to change your mother's decisions, but the proper thing to do is just what VeeVee said - find a wildlife rehab center or even call the local animal shelter. They'll be more connected to rescue groups.

    Other than that - it's best to simply walk away from injured rodents. :(

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