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"Lost" Bluetooth Device

So I did a stupid thing:

I am using Windows 10 pro on a work laptop. We are a startup and have no helpdesk.

Recently, this laptop lost the ability to discover my Bluetooth mini desktop speaker. It's been funky for a while, but it was really f-ed this time. The speaker still connects to our phones just fine.

In the windows settings page for "Bluetooth & other devices", the device was listed as being "connected" when the speaker was blinking blue for "discoverable", and "paired" when the speaker was not discoverable. In the fist situation I am already "connected" and so there's no "connect" button to press; in the latter I can click connect all I want but the damn thing's not discoverable so it doesn't connect. I detach the device entirely by clicking "forget", set the speaker back to discoverable, and search for devices. I do not find the speaker.

I've been restarting the computer plenty and it's having no effect. So I try for another level: I open the device settings for my computer's Bluetooth device (by clicking on the relevant link in "Related settings" over at the right hand side of the "Bluetooth & other devices" page) and update the drivers. Try to connect again. No dice, cannot see the device to connect to it.

Ok, fine, I think, like a big dumb stupid idiot, I'll try disabling the bluetooth device and turning it back on.

Big mistake. I disable the device, and click Ok to save settings and close the window. Then I go to turn it back on.

In Bluetooth & other devices, the link to "manage my bluetooth device" or whatever it is called under "Related settings", is gone.

Bluetooth & other devices' "Add Bluetooth or other device" means "use my bluetooth to connect to a separate device", not "install the bluetooth device that I fucking foolishly disabled"

When I open the action center, there is no Bluetooth icon to click on.

So... how can I dig myself out of this hole?


  • nexuscrawlernexuscrawler Registered User regular
    First thing I would try in going into the Device Manager control panel(search for it in the start menu. Go to view and turn on Show hidden Devices. See fi you can find your device under Bluetooth. If you can right click and uninstall it.

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