Oh My Gem - Smash Them All ! [iOS/Android]

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Hello all,
Let me introducing our new game OhMyGem! Its a simple one finger control game, easy enough to be played quickly on the go or when you only have a few minutes. A good way to kill time when dropping by at your grandma’s place! :P

:arrow: Features
• Leaderboard
• Random puzzles
• One finger control
• 15 Skins to unlock
• 50 challenging levels of increasing difficulty
• 10 boss
• Free to play

:arrow: Here is some screenshots

:arrow: Check the trailer on youtube !

And finally the link if you want to try : Oh My Gem : Smash Them All !
Right now its only available on iOS devices, we plan to release it on other platforms in the upcoming versions. If you find any bugs guys, please don't hesitate to contact us -contact@thesquanchycompany.com - Feedback and comments are appreciated.
Thanks and hope you have fun playing with it.

:arrow: Follow us on Slidedb!
Love Moko Forever.

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