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Random Question Selector App

BlarghyBlarghy Registered User regular
I'm wanting to create a set of random questions for a game I'm running and run it via an app (rather than doing something like printing out a bunch of cards). Basically, I type in some number of pre-set questions before the game ("What are you? -- "How old are you?" -- etc) and then when we're playing, I can just hit a button and have the app pull one of the questions and display it (ideally removing it from the list of questions for that particular run). My google-fu hasn't turned up much beyond website based ones that doesn't save your questions (or has all the questions displayed in an input field). It doesn't have to be free, but something I can just put on my phone and run with little prep time after I input the questions once.

Anyone happen to know of a decent one off-hand?


  • QuidQuid I don't... what... hnnng Registered User regular
    Quizlet might work. It's a flash card app with a random test setting. It's technically meant for studying but should work for this too.

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