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"A Spanner in the Ointment"

SamyazaSamyaza Registered User
edited May 2007 in Artist's Corner
... or "A Fly in the Works"

Hello Artist's Corner, this is me, Henk, running under the avatar of "Samyaza". I got a Wacom fairly recently. I'd like to learn to use it properly, so I turn to you.

.hand study


.myself, w. attempted colours

.anatomy of the torso, front+back

.suitcase from life

.face, no ref



.character of mine, details missing

.attempt to emulate AoB's speedpainting tutorial. unfinished.

Samyaza on


  • EntrYEntrY Registered User
    edited May 2007
    The tractor is awesome!

    (Sorry for weak comment :P)

    EntrY on
    beavotron wrote:
    hang on, i need to go put an adult diaper on before you continue explaining.

    Flickr ... Myspace
  • SamyazaSamyaza Registered User
    edited May 2007
    Thanks for the compliment Entry! It's really a new experience using the tablet.. I (naively) thought it would make drawing easier, but the opposite is true. Any suggestions on where I should focus on improving first?

    Anyways, I'm busy scanning in some doodles and sketches, I'll post those tomorrow.

    Samyaza on
  • SamyazaSamyaza Registered User
    edited May 2007
    Some Sketches. Apologies for bad scan quality... I'm looking for tips on that and anything else you see in this thread.

    .Dave listening to tunes

    .Jess sleeping on the coach.

    .A small moose skull.

    Samyaza on
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