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I'm having some issues making Pro tools function for me in the way I'd like. Its more a problem of my computer than Pro Tools I think but I'm just not skilled enough in computers to be able to fix it. I realize it would probably make more sense to go to a forum specialized for this sort of stuff but I'm not already a part of any such community so I'm trying here first. So ok here is the problem: my H/W buffer size will not go bellow 256 samples which makes it extremely difficult to record anything midi. I've been able to get by recording bass and guitar by muting the track and listening close to the un-amplified sound directly from the guitar. It's not ideal but I was making it work but I can't really make that work for midi. Heck, making patches is frustrating enough when the delay gets so bad.

I'm using pro tools and FL Studio ASIO as my playback engine. I've tried a number of ASIO and the problem is consistent across all I've tried.

Doing some research I was given the impression that my computers sound card may be responsible but I have no idea how I would even mess with it. I've tried looking for tutorials to resolve this problem but I just can't find anything.

My computer is this

It's probably not ideal. I didn't exactly purchase it with music production in mind but I'd like to make it work as best I can. Thanks for any help.



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    I'm not a Pro Tools user, but this is very likely to be related to your PC / Windows itself.

    The main problem is that Windows' handling of audio is crap, and most motherboards have built-in soundcards that are just not built for this kind of thing.
    You can try to work around this by installing ASIO drivers like you have already, but I've never been very happy with this and I've found it to be a waste of time.

    The best thing to do is to buy a dedicated audio interface to act as the 'master' sound card for your PC, and Pro Tools will be much happier.
    These will come with their own drivers that are essential and will be a big improvement, allowing you to set a suitable buffer size and reduce latency. It will also greatly improve audio quality on your PC.
    I use the bog-standard and ubiquitous Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, which can be found just about anywhere and is relatively inexpensive.

    All of this headache was enough to cement my preference for audio work on a Mac instead of a PC, but you should be fine with your current PC and a decent interface!

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    If the problem is MIDI latency, there might be other issues going on. What does your DPC latency look like?

    Even a small amount of DPC latency can add up to huge latency problems in audio production.

    Also, if you are using an onboard Realtek sound card, you are probably going to run into issues, as Realtek drivers are utter crap and are not designed with audio production in mind (especially when it comes to latency). I've known people who have made it work, but it's a challenge.

    Have you tried ASIO4ALL drivers yet? It's not ideal, but that's usually the last ditch driver that I recommend for people before purchasing something new.

    I will agree with the above poster that your best bet for audio production is to buy an external dedicated audio interface, if you can. A MOTU M2, Focusrite 2i2, Presonus Audiobox USB, or Steinburg UR 22c are my usual recommendations (although there are MANY good ones out there). The drivers for these are all fairly low latency and allow you to customize your buffer size and such.

    An i5-7400 and 8 GB of RAM should be MORE than enough for music production, by the way (unless you are working with, like, hundreds of tracks in Pro Tools, which doesn't sound like it's the case here), so the specs of your computer probably aren't to blame. With a Presonus Audiobox audio interface, I was getting round-trip latency down to the single digits of milliseconds with much worse specs than that.

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    I'm going to second buying a dedicated audio interface. A Scarlett 2i2 is the best hundred and fifty bucks you'll ever spend on audio

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  • nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular
    Thanks folks! I was pretty sure it was the computer but had no idea what my next step was and google wasn't being at all helpful since I didn't really know what the problem was in the first place. Sounds like I'm buying an Audio Interface.

    Hahnsoo1 wrote: »
    Have you tried ASIO4ALL drivers yet? It's not ideal, but that's usually the last ditch driver that I recommend for people before purchasing something new.

    I did. I couldn't tell you what the problem was but I ended up struggling with it for a few days and then gave up and started looking for alternatives which led me to using FL studio which mostly seems to be working.

  • hemmelighthemmelight Registered User regular
    It's strange that FL Studio seems to work more smoothly for you.
    Are you using a really old version of PT, maybe?

  • nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular
    Version 2020.5.0 is what it says it is.

  • hemmelighthemmelight Registered User regular
    I've done some reading (and am totally guessing here), but I've discovered that Pro Tools employs 'delay compensation' that is enabled by default.

    FL Studio doesn't seem to do this, so I'm wondering if this specific feature of PT is throwing you off somehow?
    It doesn't seem to be related to your buffer size specifically, but messing with this could improve things? Here's a video I found that might help.

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