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    Gura also has the whole time zone problem. If she wants to throw her followers down the rabbit hole by doing something with a JP member then they would want to schedule it at a time good for NA viewers but that means the JP member has to stream in the morning and that is going to be real hard to schedule if it's someone who takes singing and dancing lessons or has something like radio show or an advertisement deal like the curry one Aqua, Subaru, and Pekora had a little while ago.

    The sponsorship thing is an interesting side point. From Cover's point of view, viewcount might not matter too much, but the ability to collab with gacha games, sell concert tickets, and hock instant Ramen makes you company royalty. And this could be an area of difficulty for EN members who might have a lot more trouble pulling off Japanese brand deal arrangements. I'm curious to see brand deals with US companies. Like... sponsored streams for upcoming Western games should be a layup.

    Which is actually a point of concern. Stepping aside from my enthusiast feelings towards these members, I'm much more of a Jim Sterling "this industry sucks and needs to be bullied and held to account as often as possible" perspective generally. And I feel like corporate streamers like these are uniquely poorly suited to the challenges of that situation. Other, Western streamers I follow would confidently state their feelings about an iffy sponsor or disappointing major release, it seems like these guys might need to toe a company line instead.

    This became a ramble, but it's just the kind of thing I've been thinking about since getting hooked on this type of stream.

    There are plenty of american foods and products that are sold in both america and japan pretty much as-is. They could easily target those companies and products that would hit both US and JP audiences. As for the industry 'sucking'....its practically still Brand New. until Gura came along only a few girls were nearing 1 million subs, and I'm sure that her meteoric rise had something to do with All the other girls getting a boost in viewership even without a colab. Before Her, 1 million views was pretty Meh from an Advertising perspective. It's just starting to grow to the point that both vendors and hololive should be thinking about this more seriously.

    Sorry, I didn't make that point clearly. I was meaning the videogame industry, not the streaming industry. While I still have concerns about how their streaming business is run, I was more talking about being sponsored by gaming companies.

    The Princess Connect collab was very open about being a sponsored stream, so that part seems fine. And is not like half of their streams aren't Minecraft or Apex Legends anyways.

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