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So I just discovered I am having a weird scrolling problem when hovering with my mouse cursor (windows 10). Only in some places though. Like I am not having any problems with it scrolling webpages or flipping tabs. Not sure how long it's been going on. Could be recent problem, or not. Some places I have noticed weirdness.
1. When hovering over the volume in youtube it scrolls down to muted. This is the most consistent one. Happens every time. Again, does NOT scroll web browsers.
2. When hover over the file name box after selecting save file (whatever kind of file, image, document) sometimes it wont let me type and just scrolls through names if I mouse over it. The address bar in browsers does not seem to have this problem.
3. When looking at my google photos in chrome and click a photo there is also a miniature version quickly flicking on and off in the top right if i hover over the image.
4. My mouse seems to randomly select/highlight stuff, now and again. Not sure if this is related.

It is after midnight so I can not do much troubleshooting atm. So far I've tried turning off my computer. Uninstalling mouse and keyboard drivers. Run a virus scan. Turning off my wireless mouse and tried an old wired mouse. Problem persisted with other mouse but my wireless dongle was still plugged in, so it could still be the problem I guess. I am planning to see if switching or unplugging the keyboard fixes it tomorrow. Windows is not reporting sticky keys or any other errors.

Any ideas?
It's morning and I managed confirm it's my keyboard. So probably solved.

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