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Selling my pin collection, need advice.

KhraulKhraul Registered User regular
Hello everyone,

I've got a decent pin collection that I carefully packed up into a tote when my wife and I moved houses a couple years ago and they haven't seen daylight since. I'm downsizing a lot of my collectibles and probably selling my pin collection.

Trying to value things... is this an endorsed site and are the values close to accurate? Obviously this is retail and I won't get those dollars for the pins I have, but just to get a general idea of what things are worth?

I need to catalogue everything still, but that's probably a next week project.

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    To my knowledge, there are no officially endorsed sites for second hand sales.

  • KhraulKhraul Registered User regular
    Yeah, I didn't think so. Is there a place to find reasonable values other than Ebay?

    Bnet - Khraul#1822
    Gamertag - Khraul
    PSN - Razide6
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