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Samsung Cloud to OneDrive problem

valhalla130valhalla130 13 Dark Shield Perceives the GodsRegistered User regular
I recently received a prompt on my phone to switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive. I tried to do so, but I had been using OneDrive for a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons files I wanted handy. After switching, it's like it's set up a completely different account, and I can't seem to change back. All my stuff is either hidden or replaced by the new info from my phone.

I tried uncoupling the Samsung account (because I saw that on MS's help pages) but all I did was end up locking my MS account until 8/13th. (Seriously, MS, why did you have my mom's email address and phone#?)

Does anyone have any suggestions for locating those old files? Or are they gone?



  • deathnote666deathnote666 Registered User regular
    I personally haven't used either service but I would imagine that there would have been some sort of warning during the process if you were deleting your existing OneDrive files or they'd be opening themselves up to a lot of lawsuits.

    Were you logged into your D&D OneDrive account and then connected your Samsung account to that account?

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