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[IC] Vampire: The Masquerade - Pyramid Scheme [PBP]

cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm RegentBears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
The evening has barely begun by the time you awaken, and the wind is already producing a steady chill throughout downtown.


Unfortunately, this has yet to prove the night to be either a peaceful or a quiet one. The sounds of sirens already wail in the distance, though they go ignored by the passing locals and tourists alike.
Judging by how many faces are seen out this late, you either presume they're seeking out the hottest nightlife scenes, or perhaps some prey of their own. None of that is your concern, though.

What does strike your interest is the steady murmur coming from the nearest electronic device in your haven, whether it be your smart phone, your computer, a television, or all three.

Upon closer examination, you find an even stranger sight: static that shouldn't be possible on any modern device not making use of an antenna signal, and yet, there it is, flickering in blacks, whites, and greys.


It doesn't take long for the image to shift to something more familiar, as if it were a self-developed Magic Eye illusion: the vague but distinct sight of text, taking form of a simple poem.

Youth seeking knowledge
Come share what you can offer
Time scarcens, be prompt.

The static flickers and clears, replacing the normal image on the device, followed by an address located at a sciences building within MIT that you know to be currently under renovation, and closed to the public, especially at this hour.

It strikes you as more interesting than another wasted night wandering about, or worse, mindlessly poring over the same novice texts you've been expected to commit to memory, thus far with mixed results.


This is an IC thread for a V:TM chronicle, OOC thread here.

Dramatis personae:
discrider - Professor Gurstag Adage
Kirindal - João ‘Johnny Carver’ Carvalho
mrpaku - "Loony" Louie Lehran

Any out of character threads should be posted in the OOC thread, or within a spoiler tag from hereon out.



  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Gurstag pinches his nose and reaches for his glasses as he tries to rub the day out of his eyes.
    He drags himself to his desk.

    Time scarcens?

    The professor scoffs.
    "Office hours are 9-12am. Extensions should be requested before.."

    He blinks.
    This isn't an email.
    A couple of frenzied shortcuts later, and it becomes clear it's probably not his PC too.
    And.. his phone seems ill-equipped to take photos at the moment.

    Gurstag has a brief rummage around his paper covered desk, before retrieving a .. working pen.
    He notes down the address.

    He strides across to the door before doubling back for a beard.
    Quickly perusing, he selects a thin length that grows thicker and longer on his chin, and quickly adheres it to his face.

    Stepping quickly from his study, he sees Jess also having computer trouble.
    ".. I hope you saved"
    There's a defeated groan as she wheels her chair backwards to get access to the power button.
    The other two students appear to be out.

    Stepping back into his slightly claustrophobic office, Gurstag drops his phone on his desk and starts tracing it with his fingers, chanting.
    There is clearly some mystical force at work here, and he wishes to divine what, and quickly.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    The phone lay upon on its velvet pillowed-dock, just above a lit out of code fireplace, at the very-center of the cramped apartment living room when the odd message came in.

    Louie had been pacing the place as usual, issuing voice commands to the phone as he idly held a wine glass. Call, Alice Cooper. Call, Black Sabbath's manager. Call, Howard Stern. Call, the pizza delivery boy. Few if anyone answered his ceaseless calls, but Louie was patient, and endlessly so. Besides, there was nothing better to do anymore...

    When the strange message came in, he for a moment thought that the old number he had for Robert Plant was still good. His disappointment was immediate and palpable, but quickly replaced by a thrill he hadn't felt in some time. A message, an invitation; just for him. "Youth, seeking knowledge," he reads off the screen, nodding somberly. "Yeh, that's me." With a growl, the leathery man takes a tiny sip of wine from the glass, and holds it in his mouth for a scant few seconds before spitting it with a throaty *hork* onto the floor. "Arrrgh...piss!" Angrily, he throws a rag over the wine and blood splatter at his feet while he retrieves the phone.

    Louie considers his situation for a moment. He should be careful. Tremere had been dying, all over, these might easily be a trap. But, then again..."Eh, fook it," Loony Lehran says, searching out his heavy leather jacket from the back of the closet. "I mean, when's the last time ye' got out?"

    Checking the front-pocket for cigarettes, Louie confidently places a pair of Aviator glasses from the mantle over his eyes and digs the nearby car keys into his pocket. He stops for a moment at the front door, hesitating. His hand grips the handle for a full five seconds. "Steady on now," Louie reassures himself quietly. "What's the worst that could happen, really?" Turning the knob, Louie Lehran heads out into the dark....

  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    João could feel ragged knives carve into his thoughts as he roused, the snarl growing red and needy as João's world came into focus. It had been a rich half-year for hunger, the streets above had provided little in the way of supper. It should have been easy, sure this wasn't his choice of territory, but it had a steady trickle of tourism to keep him from having to go into debt with the more established locals to keep himself alive. João's lip curled in a snarl, 'Had'; just like that the parched well had turned even drier than dust.

    He had other things he needed to take care of, so many things, too many things.... There was that rattling in João's bones and skull now, a too-familiar friend reaching into his pocket to beggar him some more. João bit back a curse, he wasn't going to be able to focus on making the right decisions if he turned into a starved beast. To hell with it, he needed something to take the edge before he did something incredibly stupid.

    The television crackled to life, adding static to the storm in João's mind. João sneered, Youth... But still if the call went out, good old reliable 'Johnny' would be there. But first he needed something to take the black edge off the night and needs must...

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Upon venturing into the campus, you find that the region is not as empty as one would expect college grounds to be in the middle of the night. There are still occasional couples and groups of students still out and about, whether taking evening strolls, involved in group activities, or possibly things they shouldn't be.

    Fortunately, the crowds seem to thin out as the sciences building looms nearer, almost like it seems to alienate public attention. There is little in the way of physical barrier, apart from a simple typewritten note on the door.


    please see syllabus as needed

    The door appears to be securely locked, but you find a call box conspicuously located on the space adjacent to the entrance, with a red button and a keypad.

    Pressing the button yields no result, until a glance to the typewritten note suggests otherwise, as the content has changed completely, albeit presented in the exact same font and spacing.


    syllabus error, improper syntax

    You find no source of youthful temptation to sate your needs, should you seek to pursue the campus as a feeding ground, though you will need to be mindful.
    The women are clearly not so foolish as to travel alone, and even the men are cautious enough to steer away from areas of poor visibility.

    cj iwakura on
  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    Back and forth, the answer was the same and João chided himself for thinking it would have been different. The brightly lit streets around the college displayed the lack of easy blood to be had and João was tempted to just power through the hunger to see what was in store for him. But that was carelessness talking and he knew that he might as well just cut off his own head and be done with it all. The nights may have never been easy, but João was not inclined to quit. He had lived this long and he had every intention of living much longer...

    João wasn't as familiar with this part of Boston as he would prefer but he had heard word of the local watering holes due north of here at Inman Square. Perhaps he would have better luck whetting the void in him with some well-lubricated and much more careless supper. Yes... João tugged at his jacket, the night was still young enough that there should be still those looking to blot out the day with drink. He took a look back at the campus, he'd be back soon enough, he just needed a nip.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Gurstag pinches his nose.
    It's too early for this.
    But at least the devices have only been broken by other kindred.
    Like that's a relief.

    He sighs as he reaches for the instant coffee on his desk.
    A bit of water in the mug, a few granules, and a toothbrush.
    One of the perils of students, he muses, taking the edge off the daytime with a quick brush.

    Right, what do we need
    The "Intro to Religion and the Occult" disk was a no-brainer.
    "Modern forensic methods" also; He'd been using this to try and help Louie be more subtle, and maybe this new party needs the same help.

    Tapping his fingers on his satchel, he considers his computer.
    There's no time for a full catalogue search.
    Probably no ready file of similar anomalies either.

    That just leaves the Files.
    Moving aside his permanently mussed cot, he clambers over his actual mattress to the lockboxes beside.
    Fingers moving quickly over the directory, he selects the paper files of a few known vamps and havens around the science building, as well as the list of noted disturbances around the area.
    Pausing for a moment, he also extracts his most complete transcript of the book of Nod.
    It's no Thaumaturgy manuscript, but there's little point carrying such around before sounding out the place.

    Satisfied, he clicks the satchel shut.
    Flicking his phone to 'Do not disturb', he switches it out for his prowler and seals the lockboxes once more, before moving the cot back into place.
    It's all disposable and largely theatre of course.
    If another vamp stormed his haven, there'd be little reason to have such mechanisms in place.
    But at least they're not on his computer and it might slow down the errant hunter a little if they approach when he's out.

    The professor locks his office.
    'Jess, if any students turn up tonight, tell them to send me an email'.
    Jess barely motions an acknowledgement before continuing to re-type her lost work.
    Gurstag shrugs.
    Wonder where the other two are?
    He double-backs at the door.

    Soon the professor is heading to the science building, nose first into his scatter map.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Louie Lehran nearly purrs when he looks around the rearview mirror and sees people about the campus this time of night. As he exits the car, he lets his sunglasses fall down further upon his nose (just enough for him to be recognized), and the quiet walk from his car becomes a loud swagger, kicking rocks and dusting pavement.

    But despite his many attempts to be “discovered”, “Loony Louie” is ignored or dismissed with irritation by those around. Louie's journey to the science building slowly turns into a somber, completely-anonymous shuffle, and the vampire feels his mood already begin to dampen. Maybe, ye’ shouldn’t even have come out

    He arrives at the doors of the facility and reads the shifting puzzle left within the parchment, still freshly nursing his bruised ego. Removing the glasses entirely, Louie rubs his face between black-painted claws, and rolls the message around in his head. A small, sly grin slowly spreads over his face.

    Heh. S’jest music, right? I can do music…” Fingers nervously rubbing against each other, the aged-bloodsucker leans in and types onto the access panel: “5-7-5”, followed by the red button. Then he backs up from the door and waits, impatiently flicking at the pack of cigarettes within his pocket while he scans for motion from within….

    mrpaku on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Gurstag arrives just in fine to find a conspicuous man approaching the very same abandoned building, who appears to have already found his way in.
    Shortly after Louie enters the code and presses the button, a hail of static responds, followed by a voice addressing the two men in a matter-of-fact tone that borders on disinterest.

    "You forgot the zero. Ah well, close enough." It could be a young woman, but the poor reception makes it difficult to be sure.

    A loud buzz resounds from the panel, and a metallic click from the door follows.

    "That's not the only thing you're short on, but whatever. They'll catch up, maybe." The panel goes silent.

    There are no shortage of dive bars or even street vendors frequented by all manner of potential targets. It's all a question of how picky you're feeling... or risky.
    There's always the stray homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk, though you know full well that's not the most filling avenue.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    "Short on...what else am I short on? Hello? Love?" Louie tries to press the button a few more times, but the voices do not return. Louie huffs in annoyance.

    Turning, Louie shurgs matter-of-factly at the bookish looking man who approaches. "Not much for service these days, eh'? See, back in my day, we used to give you a minute of chin-waggle, show us you're worth our respect, but this lot? Pssssh.... anyway, howzit doing? Name's "Loony" Louie Lehran, " Louie leans in to pump Gurstag's hand with ferocity, ingratiating himself with the professor like he'd just ran into his best buddy on the street. "...but keep it under your hat, eh there teach? Wouldn't want to start a riot round this place, upset our hosts..."

    "I assume you must be here for the same meeting as me, right there chap? Well then..." Louie says, moving to open the door for the newcomer, and spreading his mouth into a wide smile. "By all means, my friend, gentlemen first!"

    mrpaku on
  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    There were so many bars, João supposed a city just wasn't a city without them. No matter how far he went, there was always the need to wash the salt of a day's labor with a mug or two. He looked around for particularly well-visited ones where he could just be one of the crowd if anyone cared to remember afterwards of another stranger just come to wet their whistle.

    Once he found a good spot, João moved in for the kill. One or two people well into their cups would do, they wouldn't put much struggle anyway if if it came to that when he fed.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Gurstag stops inspecting his hand and straightens his satchel instead.
    'Very well. It's Professor Gurstag, by the way.', he states, ducking past Louie through the doorway.

    Searching for any sort of recognition, he continues, 'Surprised this is your sort of party, Louie. I would have thought books would bore you, unless'..
    Gurstag trails off, running his tongue along his teeth.
    'unless, you think the youth are seeking entertainment.
    I'm feeling a bit duped now though; rather thought the invitation might have been personal'

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    "Gurstag....Gurstag!" Louie says, shaking a playful, accusatory finger at the man. "That's right! You were that Professor who would call in..." Louie's heavy accent drops for a moment as he remembers, but he's just as quick to pick it back up again. "H'ya been, man? Howza' the 'life been treating ya? When's the last time we had us'a "Midnight Chat", nine months? Twelve? However much, It. Has. Been. Too. Long!"

    Louie snorts, openly annoyed with his reclusion. "Any sort o' party is my kind of party, these days, luv'. That's how't is', when they sideline you. So, when the "summons" went out on my phone this evening..." Louie looks over the night sky, and takes a deep "breath" into his lungs one more time before turning to Gurstag. "...well, I took the call." He unzips his leather jacket midway, and follows the other man inside.

    Louie growls for a single moment, followed by hearty chuckles as the Professor talks of books. "Oh, I love me a good read, Professor Gurstag." He leans in and whispers the next bit, barely loud enough to even be heard, "Just do mine in private...and find "The Library" a little withholding with their books." Louie Lehran turns fully to Gurstag, face like the devil, fangs curled over his broad smile.

    For awhile, the lithe man shuts up. But
    eventually along the walk, he flips the over large sunglasses back over his eyes. With sudden, sage-like insight, he pops the collar on his jacket and responds to Gurstag, ""The Youth" are always seeking entertainment, Professor. Iffen' you ken' find a way to make use of the "Cutting Edge", always know what That-Next-Big-Thing is gonna be? You can rule the world, man!" From out of Louie's front pocket, he produces a single cigarette, which he places artfully behind one ear. "Thought you'd know that, better than most..."

    mrpaku on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Beyond the entrance extends a prolonged hallway more akin to the sort one would find in an office building than in a college facility. Between Louis & Gurstag and further passage sits a plain desk with several interconnected monitors. A young woman continues to keep typing away at an unseen prompt, before looking up to the visitors over a pair of narrow-lens spectacles.

    "Finally, sure took long enough, don't got all night." She spins one of the monitors towards the duo, and sets a wireless keyboard onto the counter. "Type your name, real or whatever, then smile for the camera. Or don't. And please don't lose your IDs, I'm sick of cleaning up the ashes."

    Somehow, you get the impression she is not kidding.

    If you're putting Dominate to use, you can roll your combined Dominate+Manipulation+Intimidation or Etiquette, based on Joao's approach(or his target) against a challenge of 2.
    (Meaning [x]d10, needing at least two successes(7 or higher).)

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    The professor glances up from the keyboard.
    "What was that? Real name or-don't-I-don't-care?"
    He gleefully enters "Professor Orthodontal Care"

    "Now if we could be shown our way to the merchandise booth, I have some convention patches to pick up"

    "But truthfully,", he turns to Louie, "It is perhaps not wise to be all entering under our common names."
    "I was rather not expecting to even enter blindly, until I saw you milling around at the entrance. Friendly faces and all that."

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Lip curling into his signature, practiced smirk, Louie responds playfully to the Professor "I don't "mill-about", Gurstag...I saunter!"

    Approaching the keyboard with confident swagger fully on display, the leather-clad vampire takes his old, newfound-friend's words into consideration. Feeling himself rather clever, Louie types "L.L.L." into the keyboard, and folds his arms with satisfaction. Letting his glasses drop to just over his eyes, Louie grins for the camera, extended canines in full, striking view.

    Responding to the Professor, Louie gives a single, dramatic sigh of displeasure. "Blind's right: Don't know the company here from Adam er' my arsehole! Fer' all I know, the whole place is a trap," The vampire licks his lips, and awkwardly moves between putting the cigarette in his mouth and behind his ear, nervously. "...needed something different tonight. Had to. Hoping this will break up the monotony a bit, and maybe I can learn finally something new, instead o' just listening to all the same records again..."

    The leathery corpse loses himself in the thought, and for a singular second the person beneath the facade is exposed. But, as soon as it becomes noticeable, the vampire grins to himself, and the moment becomes buried."All I'm hoping," Louie says, sending Gurstag his winning smile once more. "Is that the faces inside end up being half as friendly as yours!"

    Looking around with sudden a discontent, Louie takes one last glance at the walk they'd take up. "But this it? Just the two of us? ...are they doing a "Midnight Chat" reunion they didn't tell us about?...That'd be, I guess, a bit disappointing, although not entirely unpleasant..."

    mrpaku on
  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    João favored an easy touch, even drunkards could have enough wits around them to be a problem and he was looking for a neat way to start the night.
    Minion roll 6d10h7 for Dominate+Manipulation+Etiquette

    6d10h7 3 [6d10h7=2, 2, 4, [10, 1], 9, 9]

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    In reply to the Professor's query, the woman glances over with a cock of her head. "Don't tell me you've never heard of Shadow Names... sheesh, what are they teaching you kids?"

    Upon entering your information into the keyboard, a nearby printer dispenses a set of white stickers that look more like QR codes than IDs. You don't see any indication of a picture or even the names you inputted, though they are dispensed in the order entered, which is the only way you have of telling them apart.

    "We're expecting a third guest a bit later, got held up by dinner arrangements. If you want to stick around and wait, fine by me, either have a seat or head down along the left wall." It's unclear which left she means, but there are a set of uncomfortable-looking metal chairs propped up across from her desk, if you opt to wait around.

    It takes little more than a suave look and a sweet whisper to lure your victim away into an adjacent alley, and while you don't fully satiate yourself on their blood, you still manage to feel fulfilled enough to get through the night, and confident that you did no lasting damage shy of some lingering disorientation, which will probably be passed off as having had too much to drink... or maybe a failed roofie attempt.
    (You obtained 3 blood points.)

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited October 2021
    Louie pulls aside two of the metal chairs, and drapes himself dramatically between them. The sunglasses now fully covering his eyes, his ready grin greets the woman on the radio for the first time in person tonight.

    "Big fan of your voice, luv," He says, with all the admiration and charm he can muster. "Like the whispers of an' Angel. You got an agent? Representation? What's yet name?" Louie slowly heads over towards her desk, gearing up to put his winning charm on display for both "the Voice" and Gurstag. Thinking quickly, he adds: "Hey how about this, Gurstag: I'll stay and wait for our other guest-host" the vampire queries hungrily, withdrawing his cigarette from behind his ear, and lowering his sunglasses (each act practiced a thousand times or more). "...and you go check out our sponsors?"

    "Like to be fashionably late anyways, and," Louie informs Gurstag and their Hostess." . "...with such charming company..." Louie extols every ounce of his suavity towards this Hostess."...I'm sure I can find enjoyable diversions in the meanwhile!"

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Geth roll 2d10 Charisma
    Geth roll 2d10 Empathy

    2d10 11 [2d10=6, 5]
    2d10 19 [2d10=10, 9]

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    The professor rolls his eyes at Louie's pass at the hostess, before taking a chair.
    It's becoming clear to him at least that their hosts are probably elder than he.
    The power of the Thaumaturgy, the chiding..
    Then again, it's not unlike the kin to overstate their importance with pomp.

    Gurstag smooths his beard as Louie continues to natter to the hostess.
    If anything, there's more the question of why his sire didn't forewarn him.
    They were on .. amicable terms, as much as sires are at least.
    If there was something important that was to occur, and that he wished to direct Gurstag to attend, he would have relayed that at their last catch-up.
    So.. was this something that was happening outside his sire's knowledge and influence?
    It would seem .. impolite for him to be chosen without his sire's approval.
    Or had it sprung up in the last week?

    He shakes his head, as soon as Louie was ready, they could see what comes next and then talk to his sire later.
    In the meantime, it still felt ill-advised to wander about without someone he knew.

  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    The evening seemed brighter as João stepped out of the alleyway, the lingering taste of hot life fresh in his mouth. Now he felt ready to take on the world by its lapels and shake it down for all that João was due.

    Whistling an old work song, he made his way towards where the cryptic invitation had sent him towards. João wondered what the elders here wanted, no doubt they had a clear vision for the future that needed to be built on the back of their lessers. He frowned, a different chantry, the same song that always ended with him paying more than his fair share. João wanted more out of these eternal nights than to serve.

    But there was opportunity here as well, a meeting of minds was always fertile ground to plant a new story. Perhaps the others would be amenable with working towards something grander as well. João smiled, catch a little fish as bait for a bigger one.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    edited November 2021
    In response to the poorly veiled attempt at flattery, the receptionist watches and waits for Louie's tangent to reach its end.

    "We don't get much representation, and unionization is frowned on, as I'm sure you can guess. You can call me Suzie, and no smoking, Mr. Smooth."

    The woman reaches out and flicks Louie's cigarette indicatively. "I'd keep your friend company until the rest of your entourage arrives, which by my math..."
    She glances down to the counter, and gives the keyboard a few taps. "...should be any moment now. I'd suggest waiting around until then, since our "sponsors" are expecting you as a group, I bet."


    João finds the same abandoned building that the others had already entered through, the door sitting conspicuously ajar.

    cj iwakura on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    "Hrrmph," Louie says, the vampire's mood immediately turning sour as Suzie at the desk shuts him down. "Well then," Louie replies, inspecting the back of his nails with practiced dispassion, bored with all this cold bureaucracy when he expected livelier company. "...Good talk to you in any case, luv; appreciate yer time! Hope we haven't, errm, interrupted your evening too thoroughly!"

    He nods once to the woman akwardly, before returning to his twin-seats. On the way to noisily resuming his lounging (readjusting the rattling seating six, seven, eight times, before finding a configuration he finally likes), he shoots Gurstag an irritated, half-angry look that unmistakably communicates, Geez, what the hell was her problem?

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Gurstag looks up as Louie unceremoniously sits down next to him.
    He shrugs in response.

    "At least they've got good wifi", he states, motioning with his prowler.
    And with that he gets back to work, scouring the local rags for interesting mentions of occult activity, noting any down in his illegible thick cursive into a black bound notebook nestled in his lap.

  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    João looked at the note as he pulled open the door, he was sure if he had more time he'd get it eventually...but he had a feeling he was anything but fashionably late to the party. Besides, if they left the door open, who was he to refuse that invitation? João strolled through the hallway with a studied carefree carelessness, he wondered who...oh.

    "Professor? ...Lou, what are you doing here? Last I heard, you were still down in New York City? What happened, did you finally see the light and join the Red Sox Nation?" He wasn't too surprised that the Professor was here, but he hadn't heard anything about Lou making his own way out of Yankee territory.

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    "Not at all, love, that's my job."

    The "good wifi", as it turns out, appears to be unsecured, so using it carelessly seems to be a bad idea. The local newspapers have several mention of rumors in regards to assorted cults, but most of it has been brushed under the rug as conspiracy theories or jettisoned to the very back of the paper in blink-and-you-miss it paragraphs, which feels like no small coincidence. There is one unnerving mention of a controversial group meeting at nearby campuses that seems to smack of ritual magic, but it has very little detail.

    "Speaking of, there's our linchpin. Right this way, if you would." Suzie motions the third arrival towards the keyboard. "Once you're in the database, you may proceed, the Regentia's been expecting you."

  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    Johnny Carver João pecked out his name on the keyboard before submitting himself to the rest of the procedure. Johnny was as much as part of him, a convenient name for the New World. Once it was done, he turned his attention back to the other two. "So did I miss anything particularly interesting before I got here?"

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    The professor sniffs and closes his workbook.
    "Not particularly. We've all apparently been hand-picked for some great and noble purpose that's too important to convey by letter"

    Gurstag stands up and stretches.
    "Or some such. Good to see you by the way.
    Should we go see why we've been gathered?"

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    “Ha! Big Guy!”

    Louie greets Joao warmly, pulling the vampire into a quick embrace with a few firm slaps on the back. His eyes go wide at talk of New York though, and his lips curl into a grin that his eyes don’t share:

    “Yes, well, jus’…thought I’d stretch my legs a bit, y’know? Get up here, see what the Commonwealth has to offer a chap like meself! Find a different, er, perspective on the organization” Louie scratches the back of his neck uncomfortably, and looks away with a dry cough. If he doesn’t know about “the Incident”, I’m not gonna be the one to tell him, Louie Lehran firmly decides. Enough doors slamming shut in my face…

    Still carrying the newspaper as they walk back to meet the Regentia, Louie cracks it open as a distraction. Picking up his charm once more, he purrs at the stories within the page and points the article towards Joao and Gurstrag. “Looks like the choice is paying off! The scene is lively down here, on these Strange Nights! “Cults”? “Secret Night Meetups”?” Checking the article once more, the leathery man nods to himself, biting his front lip in anticipation. “”Dark Rituals?” Right up my alley! I’m hoping our meeting tonight provides some similar, delicious opportunities!”

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    The indicated path is lined with a mixture of nondescript doorways that appear to either lead to classrooms or offices. If tested, any closed door seems to be securely locked. The hallway seems to extend an impossibly long distance, and a backward glance shows that you somehow have the exact amount of space behind you as you do in front of you, no matter how far you go in either direction.

    Finally, a single door stands out. Rather than the plain white and beige finish, this doorway has a cherry red finish, engraved with "Office of the Regent" in stern white lettering.

    It's also the only one that's unlocked. Beyond are the sounds of a muffled conversation, paired with the humming from what sounds like a overcrowded server room.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Quiet as a cat, Louie slinks toward the red cherry door, stooping down and pretending to search the carpet as if he's dropped something while he attempts to listen in...
    Geth roll 4d10 for Eavesdropping/Lost my Contact

    Eavesdropping/Lost my Contact:
    4d10 9 [4d10=2, 1, 4, 2]

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Gurstag pinches the bridge of his nose.
    "I don't suppose it is too late to decline the invitation", he hisses to Johnny.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    From his place scanning the floor before Gurstag and Johnny, Louie throatily-whispers behind without looking back, "Will you two keep it down back there for jest a tic'; I'm trying to hear how many there are..."

  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    Lou certainly was getting energized and João couldn't fault him. Even if this all reeked of casually walking into a net, João wondered what sort spiel the Regentia was going to pedal. At least it would be an good idea to know whether João had to pack up and make a quick exit again soon.

    "I think that's a question a few years asked too late, Professor." João muttered as he watched Lou scramble around. "At least we know where to set fire to first if this whole thing goes sour."

  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Despite his less-than-subtle efforts, Louie is not able to make anything out besides the brusque tone of an older woman... which eventually falls silent as the same voice addresses her wayward visitors. "You all may enter, don't feel obligated to stand on ceremony."

    After a pointed pause, she then adds. "...and please tell your friend to get off of the floor, it's unseemly."

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    "I found it!" Louie assures the room as he is called out by the voice, standing up with unnatural quickness and frantically waving around the violet colored lense at both Johnny, Gurstag, and the cherry wood door. "Don't worry everybody, I found it's right here!"

    Stepping aside quick as he can, Louie stands grinning gormlessly at the nearby wall, unwilling to return anyone's gaze. Hands just a bit shaky, the leathery man works to pop the purple contact back into his left eye, as he allows the pair of vampires to proceed into the room before him.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    "Quite", Gurstag replies as he steps around Louie, "You've made it rather plain that we've had eyes on us since we entered your building"
    "But now that we're here, I don't suppose you might tell us why?"

    discrider on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
    Upon arrival into the room, the initial impression proves correct; it's both an office and a server room. There are multiple server towers lining the walls, and a small desk not far ahead. The woman does appear to be the only one present, so either she was in a phone conversation of some sort... or using some other means altogether.

    She appears to be in her late 30s to early 40s, clad in a burgundy business suit. There are three chairs waiting at the opposite end of the desk, nestled against one another and the adjacent servers, but they allow some room between them for passage... barely.

    "Well, once you three have a seat, we can get to that, as we do have much to discuss."
    The woman appears none-too-pleased with Gurstag's question.
    "We will get to the why in good time, Professor. I would advise you to watch your tone.
    You are residing in my domain under the charities of House and Clan, after all.
    Bear that in mind unless you wish to take up residence elsewhere, which would not be as welcoming as the confines of the city, I assure you.
    It's been something of a struggle to ensure the Prince's office lets us keep our little slice of the region to ourselves.
    Venture elsewhere, and you'll find the locals are not so accommodating to our kind, or our studies."

    The woman offers a gracious smile. "That said, you may address me as Regentia or Madame. I believe dealings with one's elders are best kept professional, don't you?"

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited November 2021
    "As you wish, Madame.", Gurstag concedes, taking a seat and ill-at-ease.
    "I apologise for my form and manner. Had I known who I would have the pleasure of meeting with, I would not have dressed as I would for my students."

    discrider on
  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    "Madame." João smiled obsequiously in turn as he gave the due respect and a bow to the Regentia. He found his seat and sat himself down comfortably before looking around. It wasn't the most usual place of power that he had ever seen before, but he supposed it was probably some favored project of hers. João wondered if they were in part response for that trick with the summons.

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