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Thoughts on homebrew class edits - the RuneWright

Indie WinterIndie Winter die KräheRudi Hurzlmeier (German, b. 1952)Registered User regular
so a while back I posted about this really cool homebrew class I found, the RuneWright

Elevator pitch is, this is basically a spellcaster that can build their own spellslots from a "pool" of spellslot lego bricks - they get a lot less overall than a Wizard and even a Sorcerer and they have to commit to which spell goes into which slot during a long rest, but they can distribute them however they'd like. Theoretically, without any additional bonuses, a level 20 RuneWright can go into battle with five 9th level spell slots ready to go; though they won't have anything else available aside from cantrips.

but the more I read of the original class I saw that it was a) poorly edited and b) poorly balanced - conceptually it was sound, but it was a little bit too overpowered. So using the homebrewery website, I tried my hand at adjusting it. Introducing: the RuneWright, Revised

If you give it a read, do let me know what you think - aside from grammar and format editing which I tried my best at with the homebrewery's interface, I significantly narrowed down the available spells list and totally removed one that was completely busted. I especially wonder if my version of the Intricate Scripts and Unconventional Methods abilities for the Scribe subclass are well balanced or if I still need to tweak them. I'm also still not sure what to do about the Bik Tem's Pennies spell - I want to have a unique fourth level transmutation spell of that ilk available, but it seems so niche at the moment I can't justify keeping it on there.

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