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Released in the middle of last month with little fanfare, the newest Yu-Gi-Oh game is a cross-platform-play F2P entry that strips away virtually all of the usual anime-framing the games in this franchise gets and focuses solely on the card game itself. If you've been wanting to get to the 'heart of the cards' by itself and none of the usual trappings, this is likely the game for you.

The game's got four main sections.

This is where actual dueling takes place, naturally. At current, there's Ranked play (featuring tiers of Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) as well as Free Duel where you can create your own dueling arena for friends and strangers (from 2 to 50 players) as well as watch others play. There'll also be Event Duels happening with datamining revealing the first batch centered around decks built around different kinds of summoning.

Deck: This is where you can put together your own deck (currently a max of 20). You get a starter deck at the start of the brief tutorial and then get to pick between a Dragon-Fusion, Warrior-Synchro, and Cyberse-Link deck once you're done, the other two you didn't pick being obtainable for free later. Besides earning and buying packs for cards, you can also dismantle them for materials you also earn in play to craft new ones.

Solo: Here's where the tutorials lie as well as special campaigns that go through the lore of the various Archetypes in the game, netting you cards and sometimes decks for those ATs as you progress through their campaigns. Currently there's two tutorial-campaigns, 12 regular campaigns and a 13th and much bigger one centered around the World Legacy storyline ATs.

The spot to go to for more cards more quickly with packs, decks and special bundles to be found and bought with Gems, the game's currency. You can also purchase accessories for your gameplay such as duel fields, alternate card backs and Mates which are animated versions of the cards' monsters which sit on the field's side as a mascot.

For those that wanna jump in, there's some helpful tips that have come up for the game so far.

1) Don't waste Gems frivolously when it comes to card pack purchases. This is a F2P game after all and Konami's gotta make it's dough somewhere. As such, the dollar to Gem conversion isn't great to say the least as a single pack of 8 cards costs 100 Gems and it costs 2 dollars for about that much. That said, the game does toss a lot of Gems at first at you with 1000 for beating the first tutorial and then 2400 for completing the second tutorial's four summoning lessons. It'll also reward a lot of Gems from the dailies and checkpoint missions it offers initially before slowing down to 20-50 at completion.

2) Don't buy the Master Pack. At least not by itself. Packs can be bought singularly for 100 or 10 for 1000. The Master Pack however has a 6000+ card pool so you'll likely go nowhere fast putting together a specific deck. There are however currently three bundles for 750 that give you 10 Master Packs plus one of three cards depending on the bundle bought; Solemn Judgement, Lightning Storm or Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. There are two other packs currently available with 80 card pools, Stalwart Force and Revival Of Legends. If you want specific AT cards however, you'll need to...

3) Aim for Secret Packs. Secret Packs are card packs that only show up when you gain a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card of a particular AT. While the first four cards from this pack will be from the general Master Pack pool, the latter four are from a much smaller pool based on the pack's theme which will be about one, two or maybe even three ATs. This is the best way to fill out an AT for a deck quickly. However, the packs only stay unlocked for 24 hours and you can't even view their contents when they leave the shop after that time. Luckily one of the YGO wikis has been putting together a list of the packs and their contents to help players plan ahead. While you can unlock certain packs by completing a related Solo-campaign, the best way to unlock a pack is by crafting a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card that's part of it. Not only does this make the pack available again but you also get a free pack for unlocking it the first time this way. As for extra crafting materials to do so, the deck editor has an option to dismantle extra copies of cards that exceed the deck limit of 3 though not counting special finish versions of the cards in that count unless they also go beyond that limit. For another source of crafting materials....

4) Buy the Gold Duel Pass. At least, if you plan to play Ranked or Event Duels considerably. Like most games nowadays, Master Duel has a season reward-track that offers Gems and crafting rewards as prizes for advancing in it's levels (which can only be done so far by Ranked/Event play). The track stops halfway for the free side of things however. If you do unlock the Gold-side pass, you will earn double the rewards for that first half while continuing to get prizes for completing the rest, earning you by the end the same amount of Gems you paid for the pass in the first place which is a good incentive.

Helpful Links:

Yugipedia and YGO-Wiki are handy resources when you want to learn more about a card or AT you've seen in the game or see what's changed for either in the 20+ years of the card game's existence.

How To Play Yu-Gi-Oh! - A video playlist is a few years old but it can be a good visual guide for those still confused about certain summoning mechanics after playing the tutorials.


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    If you're looking for ways to build a deck without a ton of SR and UR cards, this dude made a pretty informative video about how to build a Crusadia deck using only 2 cards (not 2 sets of 3 cards; 2 *cards*) above the first two rarities. Can obviously be improved with rarer cards, but it's a neat direction to look in if you wanna make something with low-rank crafting points.


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    Master Duel's giving away 1000 Gems to players in celebration of it getting 10 million downloads.

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    Warning: there's some cheating going on right now as (presumably) PC players are using a hack to force you to surrender in a duel. It just happened to me and it's been mentioned over the last couple days or so on the Master Duel Reddit.

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