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[WB MultiVersus] is complicated



  • taliosfalcontaliosfalcon Registered User regular
    Karoz's were bad and they should feel bad!
    I'm quite literally flabbergasted they have the balls to do this without refunding peoples purchases. I still played very occasionally so i'm meh on the whole thing
    (mainly because the player count got so low it was impossible to be matched against anyone who hadn't been born with a controller in hand playing fighters for the past 20 years)

    but if i had spent any real money on it at all i'd be *pissed* and up in arms.

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  • King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
    I bought one battle pass didnt finish it and said fuck it.

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  • cloudeaglecloudeagle Registered User regular
    Yeah, given how apparently shitty the paid rewards were even before these shenanigans, this is going to go down in history for how not to do a free-to-play fighter.

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  • DocshiftyDocshifty Registered User regular
    They apparently also put out a video (which starts around 1:54) and Max goes over that and his thoughts about it

  • KoopahTroopahKoopahTroopah The koopas, the troopas. Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
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    I love that Max covers this as well as every other FGC thing. Such a great creator.

  • DocshiftyDocshifty Registered User regular
    If it does come back, and I am hoping it does, they really need to use this time to

    Finish hurt/hit box changes. The hurtbox change was good, but not perfect, and hitboxes are still absurd af.

    Actual rollback. Just, fix it.

    Probably reevaluate their character design to have real goals per. The stuff they do have seems to be a bit too loose. Support is all over the place.

    Probably a good 5 or 6 costumes per character, something to purchase that isn't a shitty battle pass.

    Honestly, I'd argue another 5-10 characters, but that's cause I love characters and not a lot of what they have is actually interesting to me. I could see them not having any on return, tho that definitely feels like a bad move out of the gate on their relaunch. Even just 1 or 2 would help with pulling people back.

  • King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
    Half the characters are unplayable to me

    Its like Harley is the closest to a smash character and everyone else requires way to much work

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  • DixonDixon Screwed...possibly doomed CanadaRegistered User regular
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  • KarozKaroz Registered User regular
    edited December 8
    Karoz's were bad and they should feel bad!
    Crippl3 wrote: »
    looks like WB's currently unavailable platform fighter Multiversus is coming back very soon, if a prominent leaker is to be believed:

    The leaker is, of course, Belgian McDonald's are advertising Multiversus Happy Meal toys
    (also there have been a number of backend updates on the Steam servers for the game over the past day, right before the Game Awards but this "leak" is more fun)

    The game was taken offline during it's open beta for retooling and improvement, and was said to be coming back at some point.
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    i think we MIGHT get a Multiversus release date/news soon, i went to mcdonalds and saw THIS.
    (translation: Soon in your happymeal)

    we are SO back
    #MultiVersus #riseofmultiversus


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