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Need advice about disability/housing rules and savings (older parent)

SmrtnikSmrtnik job boli zubRegistered User regular
Hi, my mom is on her late 60s and it's on disability and SS, and lives in government funded housing (she only pays 1/3 her income as rent, regardless of income). She also has to be a certain age and have income low enough to qualify for her apartment and was on a waiting list for a few years to get it.

She's very frugal. She doesn't believe in expiration dates on food (goes by smell), her hobbies are free or very cheap, she wears clothes until they turn to threads, and main "luxury" is regularly buying my kids candy and garbage toys from the dollar store. When she worked she was not paid much, so her ss and disability are pretty low.

Combine all of the above and she told me she's saving over $300/month. But she's paranoid to put it in the bank, she thinks if the government sees she has money in the bank they take away the disability/ss/apartment.

Is that right? Anyone know?

Right now she keeps multiple grand she's saved up in the apartment, and sometimes on her person when she goes somewhere, which makes giant klaxons go off in my head. I know she was saving money by being a big cheapskate but i didn't know how much and the where. So i want to make sure i two her it's safe to put it in a savings account if that's the case.



  • GnizmoGnizmo Registered User regular
    The disability and social security I can 100% state has absolutely no bearing on what is in your bank account. My dad has had varying amounts over the years managing several thousand in there at the least to my knowledge. Possibly more at times.

    The housing would surprise me. I don't know where you are, but locally it would have zero impact. They don't care what is in your savings once everything is approved. This is in Louisiana which is a fairly conservative state, but not to the extremes of other places.

  • SmrtnikSmrtnik job boli zub Registered User regular
    One of the New England states. I think the housing is federal though.

  • jkylefultonjkylefulton Squid...or Kid? NNID - majpellRegistered User regular
    Research "Medicaid spenddown" rules in your specific state - if/when she requires a nursing home, spend down will come into play (i.e. anything over $2k in her bank account will be hoovered up).

  • SmrtnikSmrtnik job boli zub Registered User regular
    Yeah apparently 4k limit single filer.
    So silly, encouraging non-triftful living.

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