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Need participants for survey

thevagrauntthevagraunt Registered User new member
edited July 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey guys, I was wondering if I could ask some of you for help on this research project that I'm doing. I'm an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara right now and for my Writ. 109 SS class (writing for the social sciences) I'm doing a preliminary report on gaming and socialization in the virtual space. I remember there being a World of Warcraft guild on the PA forums here and I think this would be an excellent place to start. The topic of my report is essentially on why MMORPG's are so addictive, but in general I'm writing about the gaming community as a whole, like why do we play games, what do we get from them, etc. If you are interested in helping me out with this survey or allowing me to have a brief interview with you over messenger, please send me an e-mail at:

and let me know if you are interested. Or alternatively, if you can direct me to a place where I might be able to get more participants, that'd be great also.

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