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Printer problems.

SpeedySwafSpeedySwaf Registered User regular
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We need some things printed off, but for some reason both of our printers aren't working for a reason or another.

The one I own has been working pretty well ever since I got it, but now whenever I plug it in the computer says I'm plugging in "New hardware" and that I need an installtion disk. Said disk for the printer is also missing, and we don't know where it could've gone.

The other one in our study is worse. Whenever we try to print something, one side of the paper slides in faster then the other, and gets jammed. It's also telling us we're low on ink, but I replaced them relatively recently. Unless someone went through a lot of ink somehow in a short amount of time, I can't understand why it's telling me the ink is low.

Any advice?

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    AtomBombAtomBomb Registered User regular
    edited July 2007
    For the first one, make sure you're plugging it into the same usb port that you installed it on. At work, most of the computers are fairly restricted, and if we plug an already installed device into a different usb port it will come up with the "You do not have sufficient privileges to install hardware" dialog. Put it in the "proper" port and all is well. You could also just run thru the install, point it to the driver and be done with it.

    For the second, you could try cleaning the rollers with rubbing alcohol. Or you could use windex and then rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will dry without leaving a residue, which is why you use it after the windex. As for the ink, all I can say is try removing and reinstalling the cartridges. Or ignore the message, as long as the printer continues to print to your satisfaction.

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