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Office Depot $300 XBOX 360: Is it a 65nm CPU "Falcon" model?

CZroeCZroe Registered User regular
edited September 2007 in Games and Technology
Knowing that they would likely be new stock with HDMI ports (they have not previously sold game consoles), I swung by Office Depot today to look in on that $300 XBOX 360 Premium thing and found that it was mail-order only even though you had to order in-store (clearly to test whether or not they could actually sell them in-store). You have to pay tax and shipping for the full amount before the $50 rebate, so it ain't that great, but the guy repeatedly said that these are not warehoused and that they are packaged and shipped straight from Microsoft. They aren't refurbished, and there were rumored to be "Falcon" hardware on ships a couple weeks ago. It would make sense that they are coming straight from Microsoft because it is a trial thing by mail-order without established distribution lines. It looks like Microsoft is trying to turn a PC software selling partner into an XBOX hardware and software partner. At first, I dismissed what he was ssaying as "clueless employee babble" because he mentioned that it would be "configured" and shipped by Microsoft like a configure to order PC, but he actually meant that a game and accessory bundle would be packaged if purchased (obviously, they don't stock those yet either) in a "configured" bundle. Sure enough, the ad confirmed it as a "configure to order" bundle.

I feel that there is a very good chance that you can bypass the warehoused old stock and get a Falcon for a little less money this way. It's too bad that I'm not willing to test the waters. Hell, I'm crossing my fingers for another Microcenter $100 rebate or Toys R Us $100 gift card this holiday season.

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    capable heartcapable heart Registered User regular
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    Well, let us know if anyone does test this theory out. It would be nice to be able not to live in fear of the Red Ring of Death. And to be able to hook up the 360 to a monitor through DVI.

    My Xbox 360 is currently on its way to Microsoft in the coffin, but I have enough PC games to tide me over. Bit of an awkward time for the RRoD, though. *cough*

    I will probably wait until I can hear confirmed reports of new-models in the wild.

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