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Tweed/Twill Coat

Mai-KeroMai-Kero Registered User regular
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Is there anywhere I can get a Tweed coat, in the style of

that isn't $750? I'm on a bit of a serious budget here, but I need a coat as I seem to not actually have one at all and winter is approaching.

I also thought about something like this


Are there any online retailers that have coats similar to these but not quite so expensive? Any specific stores I should check out, or should I just try to find something neat at a thrift store?

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    HewnHewn Registered User regular
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    Are you using this for fashion or to protect yourself against the cold? A tweed coat is only going to be like putting on a sweater, at best. I wouldn't say it's "winter" gear but that depends on where you live.

    As for a similar style without the price, try this: JoS A. Bank link.

    Hit up the major clothing stores in your area. The JC Penny's, Yonkers, Macy's, etc. Poke around there and see what styles of sport coats they have. When I was suit shopping, I noticed plenty of tweed styles that wouldn't break the bank.

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