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Skippy playback of region 2 dvd on VLC media player(previously was perfect)

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edited October 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Hm, so due to fiddling with getting Team Fortress 2 to run without crashing, I went to my BIOS and turned off hyper threading.

So during that time I watched a region 2 dvd using VLC Media Player with no problems (VLC ignores region coding).

Then I decided to turn hyper threading back on, as my desktop was loading very slowly on startup without it. This could be a reason for what happened next... I'm not sure...

So I tried watching that region 2 dvd again, but now the video and audio skip and hiccup during play. It's not smooth and all. I tried going back and turning hyper threading off, but oddly the dvd would play extremely horribly with lots of jerkiness and the sound was skipping and distorting like crazy. So I turned hyper threading back on.

The dvd still hiccups and skips. I tried playing a region 1 dvd on VLC... it still hiccups and skips, though it plays fine on PowerDVD (but PowerDVD is iffy with region protection and you can only change the region up to 4 times...). I even uninstalled VLC Media Player and installed the newest version to no avail.

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