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Problems with Nvidia 7600 gs

SepahSepah Registered User regular
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A few months ago, I rebuilt most of my computer, new mobo, video card, ram, and processor, as well as a new monitor. Everything had been working fine, until recently.

Starting a few days ago, a couple minutes after starting up any games, the monitor would suddenly lose signal. After manually turning it off and back on, it seemed to have lost the drivers for the Sm Bus Controller and pci bridge device, both of which I have re-installed from the cd that came with the video card. Currently, the monitor is hooked up to the onboard video for the mobo, as the computer simply isn't detecting the 7600 gs.

Does it seem that I have fried my video card, and will need to replace it? Or is this a problem somewhere on the software end?


AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ Socket AM2 (62W)

Gigabyte M51GM-S2G GeForce 6100 + nForce 430 Athlon 64(FX)(X2) SktAM2 DDR2 M-ATX Motherboard w/Audio, Gigabit LAN, Serial ATA

XFX GeForce 7600GS PCI-Express 256MB DDR2 Video Card w/Dual DVI

1 40 GB and 1 80GB harddrive

2 GB DDR2-667 Ram

Not sure if I should post this here or in G&T, will try here. Thanks in advance!

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