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Make this look more presentable....

Nakatomi2010Nakatomi2010 Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I've bitten the bullet and bought Windows Home Server for my server, to replace the Release Candidate version I've got on there right now that expires in like 7 days, (Around the time I'll be installing the retail version)

However, one thing I've been doing is using Whiist, it's a Home Server website management program that allows me to do a few simple things....

My server is open to the outside world to allow me to remotely conenct to it, but it's also got a quasi "public" face to it.... Idealisticly I'd like to make it a kind of Homepage for myself, but something that's presentable if others were to look at it.... I've decided to use it as my online photo album, since it cna do it, and a few other things...

Problem is I've got no real "design" ability, so.... Go to Here and tell me your opinion...

Obviously the picture on the left should be changed to something more personable, but if you guys click on the "Central Point" link on the right it gives you my Movies list page (Still working on it)... Obviously it looks ugly, but I wouldn't mind seeing example of stuff that would make it look better.....

I've got no real web design experience and I'm using Microsoft Expressions to do the actual editing of the websites... Any pointers on making an overall theme for the site to improve the appearance would be appreciated... The "Central Point" feature is going to be changed over time, to have a few personal touches, and will generally be used as a way for me to just be able to have my other family members look at pictures, and little odds and ends that might otherwise be difficult to show them without them coming over...

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    WulfWulf Disciple of Tzeentch The Void... (New Jersey)Registered User regular
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    Well, the advice I was given back in school for things like this was to go around to other sites, see what you like about them, what annoys you about them, how they are composed, etc. Then take a sheet of paper, draw up a rough plan of what you want your page to look like. Take that around to some people you know that will be earnest about what they think about it. Revise it till you really love it, THEN go and try to re-create it in the program you are using. Almost everyone who went through Highschool/College during the DotCom bubble had at least basic web classes (at least in my experience) and you should be able to find a whole bunch of resources about how to make your page the way you envision it with some searching. A bit nebulous, but might help you get rolling.

    PS: The one bit of advice I can impart is that unless you have a powerful need to have something in a frame, stay away from frames.

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    embrikembrik Registered User regular
    edited December 2007
    Can you run anything like Gallery on it? It's definitely one of the best things to use for photos if you're hosting them yourself.

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