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My favorite hardcore bands are better than your favorite hardcore bands

pwb2103pwb2103 Registered User regular
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Trying to move this discussion about hardcore bands OUT of help/advice forums.

Feel free to suggest awesome hardcore bands, complain about how bad all these youngins are these days, rant about the glory days, and reminisce about who jump kicked who in the face while in the pit. (who still picks up change when a good break down comes on?)

If people want to just list all the bands they like I guess I can't stop anyone... I personally think it is more helpful though if you list a band, maybe a good album, AND suggest a good song too so that someone interested in checking out that band has something to get started on.

So just to list a few:
Darkest Hour- Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation - song: pay phones and pills
Unearth - The Stings of Conscious - song : The Stings of Conscious
Protest The Hero- Kezia - song: The Divine Suicide of K.
Caliban - Song: Stigmata
7 Angels 7 Plagues - Song: The Commentator's Despair
Norma Jean - Song: The End of All Things Will Be Televised
Zao - Song: The Ghost Psalm
Dead to Fall - Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces - Song: Graven Image
Rifles at Recess - Song: My Apologies to the walking dead
Undying - The Whispered Lies of Angels - Song: Echoes
Coalesce - Song: Vehicle (I can't help it, I love the way they did this cover)
Reggie and the full effect - get well soon (I don't know, Reggie always fits in with hardcore for some reason... deal with it)

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    King ErikKing Erik Registered User regular
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    Discharge - Corpse of Decadence
    The Hookers - Black Magic Stallion
    Flesh Eaters - Police Gun Jitters
    The Exploited - I Still Believe in Anarchy
    The Germs - No God
    The Business - Guiness Boys
    Slaughter and the Dogs - I'm Mad
    Amebix - Axe Man
    Crass - Doesn't matter what song, all of crass is good
    Oxymoron - Nuclear War
    Poison Idea - Crippled Angel
    Redd Kross - Cease to Exist
    Circle Jerks - I Just Want Some Skank
    Black Flag - T.V. Party
    The Pinkerton Thugs - Brighter Day
    Subhumans - Businessmen

    Theres the best hardcore bands, except for the local bands of course

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    Satan.Satan. __BANNED USERS regular
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