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Alrighty, this is my first post here, and since this seems to be the place (judging by the board description) to suggest improvements, why not this simple little widget?

I can't claim responsibility for the idea, having seen it first at xkcd... anyway, I found that it was fun to just keep clicking the 'random comic' button and see what pops up. I guess you could accomplish the same effect by going to the archives page and scrolling/clicking randomly, but that way feels kinda clunky...

It wouldn't be too hard either. Although the comic URLs are organized into dates and not numbers (a la xkcd), I could make a quick program in Python that would allow you to easily select random dates (assuming the posting of all of the comics follows a set pattern - of course, it would be easier if you simply had a database of all the comic dates).


P.S. - Apologies if this is a re-post, but I couldn't spot a search function and my (rather perfunctory) scan of the front page didn't yield anything similar.

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    Gabe and Tycho do not read this forum, the administration of this board has no influence over the rest of the site, you're better off dropping either Gabe or Tycho an e-mail with the suggestion. (which is a good one, the archive is so big that it should come up with nice results)

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    I am pretty sure a greasemonkey script could be easily made to do this, not that I would have any idea on how to do it.

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    It appears phasetwo is down right now, but check out the Penny Packer firefox plugin. I'm not sure if random comic is an option, but you can browse by tags which is a great way to pick up things from the archive.

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