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Tf2 "Server does not respond" why, oh why?

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I am trying to get Team Fortress 2 to run on a friends computer, unfortunately when trying to connect to a server in 99% of all tried I get the message "Server does not respond" and nothing happens.
Every now and then the game does connect, there was also an error message concerning pool memory when I finally connected, but I fixed this through tweaking the registry, following a step by step guide on another forum.
Additionally, when quitting Tf2 after a failed connect the internet connection will be partially gone for a few minutes(router/modem still blinking and working, background downloads working fine, but browser won't load anything.

I noticed that several people on diverse Tf2/CS forums seem to have the problem of the non responding server, but noone seems to know a definitive sollution and I am really not sure what to try and do now.

The ports for Steam are all open and active.

Firewall and virus scanner are the same as on my system and have the same settings, I never had connection troubles, disabling firewall does not help.

Router/modem(some kind of hybrid thingy(or it is a router the ISP calls a modem, I dunno) delivered from the ISP) rebooted.

System is Windows XP professional, network drivers are up to date and other games like WoW connect just fine.

So, any ideas?

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