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What do I do now?

JaysonFourJaysonFour Classy Monster KittehRegistered User regular
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...sometimes I really hate my college.

I've put the better part of eighteen months into a Video Game Art degree, while using courses like College Writing I to fill in general-education requirements of a Microcomputer Technician degree I'm planning to transfer over to a four-year school to finish.

So, anyways, I get to class today and the big thing on everyone's conversations is:

"The college is closing the Tech Center downtown, firing all the tech teachers and discontinuing most of the tech-intensive Associate's (two-year) degrees so it can turn the place into a brand-new Nursing Campus."

I call down there. It's true.

I've spent a year taking courses for the Video Game Art degree- hell, it's the only reason I'm in an art class THIS semester- and now I'm stuck with courses on my transcript that have no value in transfer and now are complete wastes of time and effort because I won't be able to complete my VGA degree.

Is there anything I can possibly do? Part of me is screaming for a refund for the classes I took that are only applicable for the VGA degree, but the sane part of me knows the college is never going to part with that much money to all the jilted tech degree students.

So, anyone got any ideas on what I should do?

I can has cheezburger, yes?
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  • SpecularitySpecularity Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Are you SURE they won't still give you your degree? At my University, big changes like that are usually instated with the incoming freshmen (e.g. when they changed requirements [added a Fine Arts or something] it didn't apply to the sophomores+ who were already enrolled).

    And I suppose I'm a bit confused about the situation. You'll have two years finished at the end of this semester, right? And you were planning on transferring to a different school anyway? I think the situation is that it's the school you want to transfer TO that has shut down this program? If that's the case, why don't you transfer to a different school? If it's not...why don't you transfer to a different school?

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