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Civ 4 in Windowed Mode[Solved]

JasconiusJasconius sword criminalmad onlineRegistered User regular
edited March 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm running all expansions and it's out of Steam.


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    GdiguyGdiguy San Diego, CARegistered User regular
    edited March 2008
    This is for the users out there that wish to Run Civ4 in Windowed mode. Of the users that I have had contact with that have run Civ4 in windowed mode, there was no noticable performance hit.

    One note: in windowed mode you cannot 'bump' the screen edge to scroll the map. Use your keyboard's arrow keys instead.

    How to set up windowed mode:

    1) Browse to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4 -- or your Civ4 root directory.
    2) Double-click "_Civ4Config" -- this will load CivilizationIV.ini, which is actually stored somewhere in your MyDocuments... _Civ4Config is a shortcut to it.
    3) Find the line that reads "FullScreen = 1"
    4) Change the 1 to either 0, or ask (ask will make a pop-up when loading the game that lets you choose each time)
    5) Save and Exit
    6) Reload Civ4.

    Note: Two additional changes might be necessary to ensure the full window is visible. Either change the resolution in-game, or manually change it by the following:

    (This example sets the game's window size to 1024x768, useful for players with desktop res at 1280x960)

    7) load the same Config file as before
    8) Find and change ScreenHeight from 0 to 768
    9) Find and change ScreenWidth from 0 to 1024
    10) Save and Exit.
    11) Reload Civ4.

    Enjoy Windowed mode =)

    Gdiguy on
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