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For keeping up with the tv shows I watch you have this wonderful website called MyEpisodes that sends a message to your RSS reader whenever a new episode has aired, so you never forget. I was wondering if there is something similar for comics, so that I'll know when a new issue of this or that comic has been released? Obviously some publishers have these but mostly they are for all their releases thrown together and I really only need one for a couple of specific series, so it'd be nice if you could select only specific series like you can with myepisodes for tv shows.

I guess the alternative question would be: how do you guys keep up with new comic releases? It seems very easy to forget to check the publisher's wbesite for instance when you lead a busy life.

Thanks for any tips!

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    We have a questions thread

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    Well, every week we post a new sticky with that week's new comic releases here, but other than that, I dunno. But for general comic questions like this, go ahead and post them in the General Comic Questions Thread, it tends to be on the front page of this forum.

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