Having some Installation Issues with WoW

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I posted this on the Blizz Tech Support forums, no response.

Scoured them for a while, and I"ve been all over google, do you guys know what may be wrong?

Every time I attempt to install Burning Crusade I get this message:

The file "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\backup-enUS.MPQ : Background Downloader.app\Contents\MacOS\Blizzard Downloader" could not be written. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQTarget::DoMPQCopy)

Do you cats know what this may be?

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    Are you installing this on a mac or pc? its showing the downloader for macOS

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    Are you installing from a CD/DVD? Try the download version (or vice versa) and see if that works. Sounds related to the below post. Here is the fix the Blue suggested. Do you have a friends copy of the game you could borrow to try installing it from that? Try a different directory to install it to. Never seen the error so just suggesting stuff you probably already tried.
    Hello Nivel,

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Install using an Administrator account

    First make sure you are logged on as an administrator account when installing the game as computer permissions can prevent the installation from completing. We cannot support the game on a non-administrator account.

    2. Check that you are not using mixed CD versions

    Next, ensure the installation CD's you are using are from the same set. Mixing and matching CD's can also cause installation errors. Verify the "Installer Tome" file on each CD has the same date.

    3. Remove the Windows temporary files

    To do this, first make sure no programs are running then follow these steps:

    - Click Start and then Run (if using Vista, Click Start and then the search area)
    - Type %temp% in the Run/Search box
    - Delete the contents of the Windows temporary folder that is displayed

    Whenever any further installation attempts are made, ensure that the 'temp' folder is cleared again prior to installing.

    4. Check that the CDs are not damaged

    If the installation hangs or gives an error at the same point or same file every time, it's possible the CD itself is damaged on the sector where that file is stored. Try the disk in an alternate drive or even an alternate computer to see if the same problem happens. This is the easiest way to identify a potentially damaged CD.

    Another way to test this is to try copying the entire contents of the installation CDs to your hard drive:
    1. First, make a new folder on your desktop and name it something like "WoW Installer"
    2. Go into My Computer, right-click the CD, and choose 'Open'
    3. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Select all', so all the files are highlighted.
    4. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Copy'
    5. Open the new folder you created on your desktop
    6. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Paste'
    7. The files should copy from the CD to that folder.
    8. Once this is complete, please put in the next install disk
    9. Open up the disk (using the process in step 2 above)
    10. Select the file called "Installer Tome" with the number at the end
    11. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Copy'
    12. Open the new folder you created on your desktop
    13. Go to the Edit menu and choose 'Paste'
    14. The "Tome" file will copy over

    Repeat steps 8-14 to get the "Installer Tome" files off of the remaining install disks. If you receive any error while copying any of these files, that typically indicates damage to the disk.

    However, if you were able to successfully copy all the files to the new folder on your hard drive, please try running the installation program straight from there by opening the folder and double clicking on the file "Installer.exe".

    If a disk appears to be damaged please reply to this email and let us know, we may be able to offer an exchange.

    The game can also be downloaded using the Standard Downloader link found here:

    5. Try to install when in Safe Mode

    Booting the computer in Safe Mode has also helped a number of users around this problem. To do this, please follow the appropriate instructions for your Windows version at:

    Once in Safe Mode, simply try to install the game as before. To leave Safe Mode, restart the computer and allow it to boot as normal.

    If the problem continues, please reply with the exact content of the error message you receive, and information on which of the above steps you were able to try.


    From http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html;jsessionid=9774E079F17DE6B760BB4BC34570A01B.app09_01?topicId=3404771434&sid=1

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    OllieQBDOllieQBD Registered User regular
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    Yeah it won't install from the Downloaded Version or my Discs, or my friends Discs, keep bringing up the same issue.

    Blue has been terribly unhelpful.

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