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Selling Laptop Advice

DoopHQDoopHQ Registered User regular
edited April 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm going to be selling my laptop soon. I need some advice on how to sell it. Should I use eBay to sell it? I've heard of Craigslist in passing but I"m not entirely sure what it is. Should I use that? Or are there companies/services where they buy used laptops? I did a quick search and there are two that look decent: and If you used them (or any similar service) are they reliable and trustworthy?

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    KalTorakKalTorak One way or another, they all end up in the Undercity.Registered User regular
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    I've had good luck selling two old and slightly damaged laptops (both Powerbooks) on ebay.

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    Kate of LokysKate of Lokys Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    As a basic rule of commerce, you will get less money for your laptop by selling it to some third party. In fact, I just did a quick comparison, plugging a sample laptop into, then looking for completed auctions for the same model on eBay...
    Step 1: Dell
    Step 2: Inspiron 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150, 5160
    Step 3:
    Battery: Good/Working
    AC Adaptor: Included
    Drive Type: CD-ROM
    Known Defects:
    * None
    Overall Cosmetic Condition: Like new
    Your Quote: $70
    eBay: same model, sold with *no* hard drive, a shitty battery, and a broken LCD : $128

    That's a pretty big difference. If your laptop is in half-decent condition - ie, if it works - you will absolutely get a whole lot more money by selling it directly.

    As far as how you go about that, you have two options. If you live in a decent-sized city, I would highly recommend craigslist. Just go to their main site, and find your city's local listing. Once there, just post an ad for your laptop in the computer section. It's free, it's easy, and interested people can contact you directly through craigslist. Check the eBay completed listings to get an idea of what you think your laptop is worth, and use that as a starting value.

    The big advantage of craigslist is that it's local. You don't need to worry about shipping costs or insurance, you don't need to worry about somebody paying you through PayPal, then reversing the charge and claiming they didn't get the item... you just work out a deal with someone via email, arrange a local, public place to meet, then you hand him the laptop and he hands you a sack of money, and you both go on your way. It's a face to face transaction, which benefits both parties: he gets to see the laptop before he buys it (you can let him turn it on, make sure it works, etc), and you get to see the money. It's possible to get scammed on craigslist, but only if you let yourself be. As in, if something sounds too good to be true, *it is*. Every time. If someone emails you saying that he wants to buy your laptop for his brother, but his brother lives in Nigeria, so what he wants to do is send you a cheque for three times what the laptop is worth, and have you pay for shipping out of the cheque, then send him back any remaining money when you mail the laptop... yeah, that's a scam. If you use craigslist, demand to meet in public, and demand cash payment.

    With eBay, you could make more money for it, but it's a whole lot easier to be scammed. You have to be very careful about checking feedback, and, as mentioned, shipping and payment can be logistical nightmares.

    Kate of Lokys on
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    DrFrylockDrFrylock Registered User regular
    edited April 2008
    Yeah, just sell it on eBay or craigslist. Get some comps to figure out how much your make/model is worth and set a reasonable price. Computers depreciate fast, so don't think you're going to get $1000 for that 18-month-old $1500 laptop. Some people think craigslist is nothing but shady, but my experiences have been the exact opposite. I've bought and sold tons of stuff on craigslist, not all of which was cheap. Digital cameras, guitar pedals, event tickets, monitors and other computer items, etc. I always have a friendly meeting with the person, pay or get cash, and that's that.

    Most people are just plain ordinary nice folks. When I have bought stuff, the people will usually go out of their way to show me that it works as advertised.

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