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Your Friendly Neighborhood Spectacular Spiderman!

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So, there's a new Spiderman series that's been airing for the last month and a half. I finally got the chance to sit down and check it out and it's pretty damn impressive. I'm not sure I'd say it's quite up to... say... the JLU caliber, but they're doing a pretty awesome job of adapting the Ultimate universe (ie, Parker in high school and everything is genetic alterations instead of magic radition or evil magical pixies) at least as far as I can remember it. I think I even may like it more than the 90s version... but we'll wait until Black Cat shows up before I commit to that.


The new character designs do take... some getting used to. Spidey has this little nubbin in the middle of his mask that drives me crazy. Harry's voice is also... well... it sounds like puberty isn't being particularly kind to him. I do really like how they've been slowrolling a lot of the introductions for the old fans. Marko was a recurring minor thug for about a month before he went all Sandman and MJ was just some offscreen neighbor for at least that long.

They did a pretty good job of capturing classic Spidey though, instead of whiny watered down Super Parker from the movies, and the last two episodes were excellent. I'm also all frisky since Black Cat (the best Spiderman side character) has been confirmed to show up later this season. They're really blitzing through the villains and plotlines here at a breakneck pace.

End of the season is confirmed to be
Venom vs Spiderman.


The highschool angstiness is a little weird since every single time it's Flash picking on him, Spidey winning... but then going "gotta hide my talents" and taking it like a bitch... So is Peter's racing hormonal level (seriously, he hits on a new girl every other episode), but it's very well animated, Spidey's full of banter, the action's well done and episode 7 begins with a defenestration joke. Seriously. What more could you ask for? Defenestration! Also, episode 6 really was super awesome. It was about 10 straight minutes of Spidey vs Rhino with a rather neat and actually plausible (at least to me) conclusion.
Rhino's impenetrable suit wouldn't let him sweat, so Spidey overheated him. Yeah yeah, still sillyscience, but I still thought it was neat.

So... anybody else been catching the series and have any thoughts?

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