XBL vs. Greenhouse paythrough

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I know that both the LIVE and Greenhouse versions of the game cost the same, but which version nets PA and Hothead more money? I know that running Greenhouse must be expensive, and I have heard bad things about how much money LIVE gives to devs for each point spent.

Help me help you, guys. Which version do you want me to buy?

EDIT: I realize that this could be a delicate situation. I understand that denouncing one version of the game would be a terrible idea. I'll just get them both :)

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    devoirdevoir Registered User regular
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    You need to read/search other threads before you ask a question like that.

    Edit: They want you to buy whichever version you prefer so that you have the best gaming experience.

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    chowder_monkeychowder_monkey Registered User regular
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    Can they even answer a question like that? It would seem like Microsoft would not be too pleased if they said, "The Xbox version is terrible, don't buy it!"

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    JohnDoeJohnDoe Registered User regular
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    It was answered in another thread that Greenhouse will net them more cash, but you should buy it on whatever system you prefer.

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    Presumably, we're all here because we value gaming, so no one wants to see anyone making compromises with it. If you're really concerned about giving PA money you can always buy some swag from the PA Store, too.

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    NoelVeigaNoelVeiga Registered User regular
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    It IS a good question, though, even if it can't be answered legally.

    I expect it to be answered at some point, however, since Gabe & Tycho are promoting Greenhouse as their in-house (no pun intended) digital distribution method. If it has advantages for creators I expect to hear about them at some point, right?

    For the time being, however, it's true, when somebody puts out a product it's bad business to promote one incarnation of it over another.

    Unless you're Valve, apparently.

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    SoupsSoups Registered User regular
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    I bought the game straight-up on XBLA, then tried the Greenhouse demo and found that the controls are much smoother and the game can be played much more quickly (good or bad? You decide!) on the PC version. I like how you don't have to walk up to things to examine them if you use a mouse.

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