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    The only one I'm completely serious about is the second one. Forcing resolutions has probably had a strong impact on the decline of splitscreen in Multiplayer games. It's just too much for the systems to handle at a managable framerate.

    GTA IV also does suck compared to the previous three titles but I'm not sure HD/fancy new physics is the only culprit.

    Couple of days late here, been away for the weekend, but it really does not. GTA IV is the one I'll actually be completing because it's both kept me interested long enough, and been playable enough to match. None of the others I've been able to play for longer than a few hours, because there'd be an inevitable collision between frustrating mission design and abysmal controls. And whoever whines about the car physics really has no clue. The cars are fantastic to drive.
    Yeah I'm not really sure how GTA IV suddenly sucks. It is the best GTA I've played - missions were completable and the controls were great. The story was awesome and the MP adds more to this game than any other GTA.

    Well the problem I've had with my 360 party experiences is trying to explain controls to the non-gamer folk. This button this, that button does that, etc.

    With something like Mario Kart, it's "Press this to go, press this to shoot stuff, and you turn the whole damn remote to steer." Simple.

    And Wii Sports, for obvious reasons, is even easier.

    You need to get smarter friends. Almost all of the party games on the 360 are very simple and rarely use more then a few buttons, like Mario Kart or Mario Party, which the little tutorial that runs before you play the game will explain what you have to do and how you do it. Rockband/Guitar Hero are probably the most complex out of all the party games on the 360, but people still manage.

    The only reason people think Wii games are simpler to control is because that's one of the main focuses of Nintendo's advertisements. Wii games are even harder to control in some cases where your motions don't get recognized correctly, which is a problem for a number of games.

    Point is, if you can operate a TV remote, you can play a party game on the 360/PS3. With a little practice and motor skills surpassing that of the average 4 year old, a person might just find that video game controls aren't that complex.

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