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Here's some character designs I've been working on for an animation project I'm doing with a friend of mine. The premise is LOOSELY based on an ancient Indian myth:

A hungry BOY is led by a helpful BIRD to a mango orchard. After taking the mangos, the boy is pursued by a false ASCETIC (who owns the orchard), and hijinks ensue. After finally escaping, the boy prepares to eat the mangos, but the BIRD turns into a GODlike deity, and takes the mangos. The whole thing will be set to music, and the animation style is intended to by goofy and Looney-Tunes-esque.

The descriptions of the characters I was given are:

BOY : Skinny, small, with white shorts and a huge sombrero. Carefree attitude evoking Curious George.

BIRD : Generic cutesy cartoon bird

ASCETIC : Angry, robe & sandal clad

GOD : chubby, jovial, wears a turban, has a face VAGUELY resembling Louis Armstrong

Aaaand here's my designs (posted kinda big, so all the characters look clear. Also they're not to scale). There's several versions of each character, I'd love to hear which you prefer, as well as overall crits and suggestions. Again, these are just rough designs, I'm more concerned with basic visual impression than drawing quality. Much thanks!


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    God has some kind of spinal injury.....he's leaning backwards in every frame.......I think you're setting the heads too far back.
    Some real nice linework though.

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    Kinda has a "too cheap for disney" feel. Nice clean lines, lacking in stylistic cues that might pin it to one artist or genre or movement. Non-threatening. That's probably great if you're going for a younger audience.

    Shouldn't the kid be wearing sandals instead of lace up sneakers? Just a thought.

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    Since you're doing animation, you probably already know about this, but in case you missed it: John K's blog is awesome. During the last month or so, he has been posting some interesting stuff on character design specifically, which may inspire you.

    I'm not that big a fan of the ellbow curls... i think those peeked during disney's Hercules days... and they only look really good if the swooshing is incorperated in every aspect of your design.

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    I have seen John K's blog, and it's amazing! I kind of agree about the spirals, it was just an experiment. Thanks for the crits, guys!

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    you might be interested in seeing some of the stuff available over at Sign up for their newsletter, they've always got fantastic stuff in there.

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