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I didn't know whether it'd be more appropriate to post this here or in the Stupid Technology forum. If I was wrong in my judgment, feel free to move the topic.

I have a Wacom Graphire CTE-440. I used to use it with my old computer, and it worked perfectly. I recently acquired a 17-inch MacBook Pro, and the tablet is performing less than satisfactory. I don't know if it has to do with the bigger screen (which is my theory), or if some sort of setting is off. All I know is the tablet feels just as responsive as always, but I find myself accidentally running the stylus off the tablet when doing a line, which never happened with my older, smaller monitor (basically meaning I need to take much longer strokes now to make the sized lines I want).

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone, or am I psychotic?

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    You might have tried posting this in the Questions and Discussion thread. New threads are only for art.

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    Sounds like a scaling issue; I'm not familiar with tablets, but it stands to reason there is an option in the software somewhere for calibrating it.

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    Just reduce the tablet's active area in the Wacom options. I have an A4 sized tablet but have reduced the area anyway, as I find it easier to work that way.

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    9 ) No New Threads About Graphic Tablets
    If you need to know anything about graphic tablets or WACOMS, ask in the Questions/Discussion thread.

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