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go-phone issues?

schnitzelschnitzel Registered User regular
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here's the deal: i bought a phone (with at&t), a blackjack II when it first came out. I either opted not to get insurance on it, or they weren't offering it when the phone first came out (am really not sure which). Well, the screen broke within a couple months... badly destroyed, and it was getting worse. I went to an at&t store to check if i had insurance on the phone, and the guy tells me no. so the guy then says that basically my options are to either buy a phone at full cost (i DEFINITELY wasn't paying these clowns 300, 400 dollars for another phone when they sold me a piece of junk in the first place) or to go to best buy or the like, buy a go-phone, and put my SIM card into it. Well, when i get to Best Buy, the saleswoman tells me that it will work just fine, but there is the possibility that at&t could audit my account, and if they find out i am using a go-phone with an already existing service contract, they would cancel my service. she said she has known many people who have done it and has never heard of this happening to anyone. so i figure okay, it should be fine.

Now here's the issue: i don't have a data plan with my contract, as i took it off when i moved out of the parents' house... this obviously negated the need to have a PDA phone in the first place so it sucks that i spent money on one. but anyway, my issue is now this: now that i have this phone and have put my card into it, it WILL connect to the internet if i hit that button. On the blackjack, when i removed the data plan, it automatically prevented that connection from being made. So now I am wondering, if i accidentally connect to the internet, will the charges for the bytes transferred show up on my bill or what?? I wonder if I can call the at&t store and ask them to block data? An obvious answer to this would be that if i do that, they will ask why i need that done, or tell me that it is already done, since i don't have a data plan.. and then i would have to explain to them that i bought a go-phone. obviously, you're not really supposed to do that but THE GUY AT THEIR FREAKIN' STORE TOLD ME TO DO IT!!! also, i wonder if i could just turn the EDGE off on my phone, but from what i understand, sometimes phone calls have to use this EDGE network to connect if the normal range of connectivity isn't sufficient.

and then, if that's the case, i don't even understand how this could be the case on my previous phone, since as i said, there was no data transferring allowed.

also, on top of all of this, i am now wondering since this phone DID connect to the internet, if all the charges for go-phone usage ($1 per day on days i do use the phone, 10c a minute for non M2M calls, etc.) are going to show up on my bill on TOP of what i'm paying for my monthly service already.

anybody have any experience with this BS? can anybody suggest what i might do, before i get a bloated phone bill? if something sinister unfolds from all of this, and at&t doesn't do something to fix it, i would probably just buy out of my contract and say "f*** off you b*****!!!!!!!!"

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    Darth MilkDarth Milk Registered User regular
    edited August 2008
    The chances of your account actually getting audited are very small. Depending on what market you're in, they may or may not be able to block your internet usage at the store level. My advice would be to call customer service, ask them to block your internet connection, and if they ask why just tell them that you don't want to incur usage charges since you've stopped paying for the PDA data plan. Given the large amount of data transferred by those devices, it is not an uncommon request.

    With regard to what happens if your gophone connects to the internet, the gophone plan charges would never be applied to your postpaid account. Worst case is you're billed 1 cent per kb of data transferred. So, when that 11 kb Media Net homepage loads up when you hit the internet button, you're billed $0.11

    TL,DR; Call customer service and ask to block internet, it's not an uncommon request

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