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Hey all,

Just thought I'd share a link to my first album, I released it last friday (08/08/08 for some 8-bit love...). It's metal of the power/speed/heavy variety using NES sounds, electric guitars and vocals. Each song is about a game and all the details and lyrics can be found on my website. http://www.le-ludophile.com/melomania.htm Also, the RAR archive contains an electronic booklet and a Print-It-Yourself package.

I'm taking a step out of music production after this release to concentrate on other things and to give myself some time to do the post-mortem thing and figure out which way I want to be heading for the next songs. As such I'd like to have your opinions on what were your favorite things, what worked out, and what didn't.

Thanks for your interest and comments!

My left brain is here: www.le-ludophile.com
And my right is there: www.myspace.com/8bitmetal
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    This is basically the same as someone just showing up and posting a link to their Website. If you want to post a couple of tracks for critique, then find some way of doing it that doesn't mean downloading your whole album.

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