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Quick Singstar Question

maximumzeromaximumzero I...wait, what?New Orleans, LARegistered User regular
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Okay, so my sister received Singstar as a gift from her husband a few months back. He has a PS3, an 80GB model that has (I believe) software backwards compatibility, because I saw him playing the PS2 Max Payne on it.

Well, basically the new Singstar "expansion" "Singstar Country" hit the shelves a week or so ago and I'd like to get it for my sister, because she's a country music fan and what have you, but I'm a little wary about this. Will the PS2 Singstar work on the PS3? More importantly, will it work the the PS3 mics?

Anyone know this before I go wasting my monies?

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    astroboyastroboy Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    I have an 80GB MGS bundle PS3 w/software bc and have played PS2 SingStars on it without any problems. I believe the mics are the same, too. (I don't know if it's true of the software bc units, but I have seen the 60GB PS3s hitch on Paint It Black on SingStar Rocks! for PS2).

    Go ahead and get SingStar Country for your sis. You'll be fine.

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    greeblegreeble Registered User regular
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    Just make sure you have or get the Red Blue, -> usb adapter standard singsar mics. You can't use any generic usb mic. (like rockband mic)

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