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Hotlink tracking, NOT prevention

.Tripwire..Tripwire. FirmanRegistered User regular
edited December 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm having a difficult time searching for methods to track hotlinks, because all I seem to get are hundreds of pages of results that advertise tricks for disabling them. I'm interested in a simple list of URLs where my images are posted (with the option of excluding specific domains), so that I may investigate the context and gather some roundabout feedback and statistics. I'd be able to see which images are popular, by which demographic, and which are linked to facetiously/met with criticism, so it could be a handy resource to have available now and then.

Does anyone know of any free scripts or services that can achieve this function? That is, presuming this isn't some sort of ridiculously basic html or php technique that I'm unaware of by lack of training.

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